Valentine's Day 2018 make up trend is here and it has major Kawaii vibes!

'Not another ridiculous Instagram make-up trend?!' you cry and roll your eyes. Well, wiggly makeup did bring a few tears of annoyance. However, Instagram makeup bloggers never rest. Their creativity is such, you'd never see it coming. Often that translates into terrible! over the top stuff while other times it can be mesmerizing - think molten lip trend or even the Insta eyebrow trend.

Always creating headlines, these beauty bloggers are back with another trend - this time for Valentine's Day. This one might just be the cutest one you have ever seen. It doesn't involve anything creepy and crawly (looking at you bug makeup) and is refreshingly nothing to do with eyebrows. Hallelujah!

This time, Insta feed has blessed us all with heart-shaped blusher aka this year's Valentine's Day makeup trend that's working some major Marie Antoinette vibes.

Literally, what it says on the tin, the only tools you need to recreate the loved-up look is your favorite blusher and, if you're not one for coloring in the lines, a heart-shaped stencil.

How to set hearts fluttering, literally

Step 1:

After doing your usual face makeup, skip the blush. Instead, simply draw a heart on the apple of your cheek in place of your usual blusher. Use a stencil if you must. It is advised to do so for newbies. You don't want to ruin your entire face makeup because of goof ups!

Step 2:

Once you're done, buff out the edges lightly with a fluffy brush for a more diffused finish.

If basic isn't for you, try this instead

This blush trend is anything but basic, but if you are the type that doesn't like to be a copycat and yet still follow the trend, walk this way.

Alternatively, what you could also do is a negative space heart blusher. Apply your blusher as usual, then grab a concealer and paint a heart on each cheek using an eyeshadow brush.

You can try larger 'stamp' style hearts, smaller negative space stencils or, for extra adorable points, draw tiny hearts across both cheeks and your nose for the most Kawaii vibe freckles ever.

And voila! A Renaissance-style flush to rival even the queen of France. No Valentine's crush or awkward encounter required.

When in doubt add another Insta make-up trend to round out the look. A wash of pink or red across your eyes to match your newly amorous blusher is surprisingly flattering, bang on trend for 2018 and fits the trad Valentines color scheme perfectly.

When to stop

But, here are a few examples that will help you draw the line. Afterall, too much of a good thing isn't always good, except if they are pigments in lipsticks! Like how not to use glitter. You are not a disco ball.

It's great when you can just draw a heart on your cheek but there's a reason they call makeup an art, my dear. Blend, buff, add finesse. Please don't write valentine's day messages on your cheek.

Keep these two limitations in mind and let your make up brush run free. It's time to wear your heart on your cheeks people! Here is beauty blogger Dylan Nicholson teaching you how to do it step by step :

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