Scented tattoos are here again — so get ready to smell like flowers

Remember the temporary tattoos that came in Fruit Stripes gum? For those of us who came of age in the '90s, they were the inelegant first introduction to temporary tattoos. If those weren't your style, you could get glittery temporary designs of a bumblebee or a butterfly at the bowling alley or donut shop for a quarter. 

Though as a generation we've largely outgrown these temporary tats and have either decided against ink or made our art a bit more permanent, some of us still want a temporary way to decorate our bodies, and Tattly is there for us in those times. Recently, they've upped their game, and now they offer scented options — that's right, there are scented temporary tattoos, and we're predicting they're gonna be everywhere this summer. 

If you came of age in the ‘90s then you’ll probably remember those inelegant temporary tattoos that came wrapped around bubble-gum but it turns out that they’ve come a long, long way since then.  

Now, you can pretty much transform into a walking, talking scratch and sniff human with designs that have an accompanying fragrance to match their design. So, if your tatt looks like a pink peonie then it’s going to smell like one too. 

Tattly's scented offerings basically turn you into a scratch and sniff human. They offer 12 different scents: four herbs, including parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme (naturally); four different candy scents, including candy hearts and a ring pop; and four different floral scents, including a blue hydrangea, a purple peony, a pink peony, and a rose.

Each tattoo is then matched with a complimentary scent made in collaboration with fragrance company, Agilex Fragrance to include notes of pink poppies, ylang-yland, dewy fuschia petals and poplar wood.

After application, the body art is said to last for two to three days but if flowers aren’t your thing, never fear because you can also get your hands on a set of mouth-watering tattoos inspired by lollipops rings and other retro confectionary.  

They also come in whacky slogans, like this one that says "Stay Nasty".

Aside from scented tattoos, their website has 18 different categories of tattoos you can choose from. They also do custom made tattoos. You can get collars, your favourite quote or even a slogan of support for a cause! 

Tattly gets a bunch of artists together who create these designs. They also have candy charms for those who like their sweetness without guilt! 

Much like scratch-and-sniff stickers, scented temporary tattoos are made with a safe and non-toxic ink. 

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