Instagram star reveals the truth behind that 'perfect' butt and toned abs

How can some people look so flawless and breathtaking all the time? How can anybody have such a toned and curvaceous body? Why don't I have such great skin and hair? Scrolling through Instagram can be envy-inducing, and very demotivating. Instagram feeds do more damage to our body image than we know. People tend to have unrealistic expectations and end up pushing themselves to get the "perfect" body.

But social media can be very deceiving. And that's what blogger Chessie King wants to show by posting side-by-side pictures. The 24-year-old wants to break the illusion that Instagram has created in today's world. 

Chessie wants to break the illusion of "perfect" that Instagram has created

Chessie wants people to know that pictures on Instagram are mostly manipulated—they are often edited to make the subject look flattering. To break the illusion that women on social media are perfect, Chessie has uploaded both the edited and unedited photos, so you can see the difference for yourself.

She wants people to know pictures that are uploaded on social media are edited 

With an aim to be completely "honest" with her 263,000 followers, Chessie took to take a series of snaps and portray the reality of social media photos. She airbrushed some of her pictures to make her thighs and stomach look slimmer, besides other edits. 

She uploads such pictures to be completely "honest" with her 263,000 followers

Alongside, she posted her untouched photos, demonstrating that it is possible to completely transform the way you look with a piece of clothing or even by altering your body posture. Speaking to Daily Star, Chessie revealed that when she scrolled through her Instagram she could not find one person whom she would relate to. 

She believes that the angle that you click a picture from can also make the difference

She found various pictures of the perfect body and people who looked their best. She realized how damaging this can be. She wanted "younger girls to realize not everyone looks as perfect as they do on Instagram." Since her childhood, Chessie has been aware of her bigger build. 

She could not find a single person whom she could relate to on social media

"For a (just scraping) 6ft girl who has always been bigger than her friends, I found the body shapes I saw on Instagram unrealistic and unachievable for me," she told Daily Star. Even though she is extremely comfortable in her skin, it wasn't easy getting here.

Being a bit larger than others, she tried to accept her body at a very young age

While growing up, Chessie had gone through various episodes of weight gain and loss. "I was self-conscious around the age of 14 to 15 because I was taller and a bigger than all my friends," she said. As for her journey, Chessie said, “I went through stages of under-eating, becoming an unhealthy size and depriving myself of food and then went to the complete opposite mindset of eating everything I could get my hands on."

She believes that posture also changes the way a body looks

But things changed once Chessie realized that it was time for her to be positive about her body than be critical. And she wanted others to feel this way about their body too. "Now I really appreciate what it does for me and I love looking after it. I have such a different mindset about training and eating now, I go to the gym because I love the feeling after and I just love food," she said. 

she urged women to 'embrace' their bellies and 'give it a little jiggle'.

Along with her photos, her captions also promote body positivity. In one of the posts, she uploaded a photo of her in a bikini and joked about how she was capable of transforming her body in just two seconds. "My bikini bod" and 'Also my bikini bod" was how she captioned the twoo pictures. She also urged women to 'embrace' their bellies and 'give it a little jiggle'.

She thinks that social media is a "perfection trap"

Chessie also recalled an incident while talking to Daily Mail that made her realize that Instagram was a "perfection trap". While going through a number of photos that she had deleted, Chessie came across a picture that she had deleted and wondered why did not upload this one when compared to the other picture that she had uploaded. 

She believes that social media puts you in a position where you are forced to look your best

A sense of guilt came over her and it made her understand that quite often Instagram puts you in a position where you are forced to look your best and do anything you can to make it a reality. Now, this lifestyle blogger doesn't care if the lighting is not flattering or the angle is not perfect.

"I am proud of how I feel about my body looking at these photos."

Chessie tells, "I am proud of how I feel about my body looking at these photos. I feel like I look healthy in both & look after myself but also live without controlling myself like I have done in the past." She makes sure that she does not skip a meal and regularly engages in exercise to keep her body going. 

She wants people to know that it is alright to not be "perfect"

Her only advice to everyone out there is that one should not try to believe everything that is there on social media. She thinks it is a reality that is painted with lies and not everything in this world is 'perfect' and neither should we try to be one.

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