These gorgeous men are here to make women smile, but there's one thing they just won't do

If you are mending a broken heart, wanting to get work done at home or just planning to make people jealous in a pub, you can get 'Fabio', a gorgeous 6’2" tall, sandy-blond haired gentleman who will greet you in a tailored suit-and-tie to relieve you of all your woes. 'Fabio' is one among the many good-looking men who work for Palm Springs-based company ManServants that allows women to rent men by the hour for providing services ranging from domestic cleaning to pampering and everything else in between. Except for sex.

In a time and age when women are finding less time for themselves and even lesser time to harbour a long-term relationship, ManServants is offering women an enticing social experience of mingling with charming, too-hard-to-ignore men who shall give you all the platonic love and pampering you need along with emotional support — all for a price ($125 per hour.)

The idea to start Manservants started when co-founders Josephine Wai Lin and Dalal Khajah were working at advertising agency AKQA. “We hired men to act as bodyguards for our bosses as a joke,” Khajah revealed in an interview with “One guy was actually a male stripper but we wanted him to just pretend he was fending them off from the paparazzi. We told him we didn’t want him to take his clothes off. He was so confused,” he revealed amidst peals of laughter.

Both co-founders did it a couple of times with male bodyguards and then started hiring men for their friends’ parties. All their friends loved it so much that the two decided to pursue it further and make it a full-fledged business. Thus ManServants was born.

Each guy hired has to cross-off a few boxes. For one, they must be extremely handsome and at least six feet tall. The real identity of the ManServants is protected and women clients get to name them anything they like. For instance, Ryan Gosling is a favorite among ManServants' customers.

Manservants are trained to do things such as serenade you with Disney songs, serve you mimosas, paint your toenails, take Instagram-worthy pictures of you or even throw doves out when you arrive, re-up your glass with  champagne, or act as a general bodyguard against pretending paparazzi.

“Some women even want to be proposed to over and over in public,” said Wai Lin. "ManServants are 'not just handsome men," Wai Lin explained. "They're multi-dimensional, multi-talented people hired to look after the needs of women. He can't just be good to look at. He has to be hilarious and entertaining as well," she asserted. The ManServants are popular among male customers too. Wai Lin reveals how a couple hired a whole flock of ManServants to stand and look pretty during a gay wedding in 2014.

There are only about 12 ManServants per city. The number of ManServants is intentionally small because the founders are more interested in recruiting a small number of high-quality ManServants than a bulk off average-looking, unappealing lot. "It's harder than you'd think to find a man who's both easy on the eye and then witty, charming, emotionally intelligent and a gentleman," Wai Lin insisted.

The founders are based in San Francisco and have recently opened their services for LA customers. Most recently, the startup launched in New York City. Now they are looking to include Las Vegas too. The company is also in the middle of creating a Tinder-like application where their customers get to hire men based on their preferences at the touch of a button.

Watch how a ManServant gets a job done:

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