Dubai to open world's first hotel with its own rainforest

It's funny how Dubai still manages to surprise the world with its architectural marvels. Just when you thought the UAE city had reached its architectural peak with its artificial islands, underwater villas/restaurants, and record-breaking skyscrapers — they are at it again!

Dubai manages to surprise every time with its architectural wonders. (Source: Twitter)

Dubai is set to open a five-star hotel — Rosemont Hotel & Residencies — in 2018. Operated by Hilton Worldwide, the 47-storey Rosemont will have 450 rooms, a fine-dine restaurant, a spa, a gym, an artificial beach, and a rooftop infinity pool.

Rosemont Hotels & Residencies. (Source: Twitter)

It will also have other regular features like a bowling alley, an adventure play area for kids inspired by Jurassic Park, and a trampoline park. The Rosemont's entertainment hub will include a skydiving simulator (of course), and a luxury cinema. It will reportedly also have "robotic luggage handlers."

An adventure play area for kids. (Source: ZAS Architects Dubai)

Sounds unimpressive? But that's not what they're trying to sell.

In an announcement likely to make travel enthusiasts around the world start making their travel plans, the hotel will have its very own 75,000-square-foot, man-made tropical rainforest, and an aquarium of enormous dimensions.

The rainforest in the hotel. (Source: ZAS Architects Dubai)

ZAS Architects, who are designing the staggeringly grand hotel, plan to have a little ecosystem of their own at the hotel. They have clarified that only recycled water collected from condensation will be used in the rainforest.

(Source: ZAS Architects Dubai)

The announcement of the hotel was made in February 2016, and given the rate at which Dubai completes its construction projects, this is well underway.

Thd infinity pool will have a star-studded base. (Source: ZAS Architects Dubai)

The floor, which is sure to give a Jumanji-like experience to visitors, will also have a splash pool, cafe, and an artificial sandless beach, to give people the feeling of ultimate luxury and relaxation. The infinity pool will have a star-studded bottom and is open to the sky, giving swimmers a bird's eye view of the city.

Infinity pool on the 27th floor. (Source: ZAS Architects Dubai)

"Our client's concept was to create a unique destination for the city of Dubai, and also to create a project that would be a destination itself, with every possible leisure and entertainment amenity inside the hotel," DJ Armin, principal architect and managing partner of ZAS Architects Dubai, told CNN.

The parking lobby of the hotel. (Source: ZAS Architects Dubai)

"As the site wasn't a beachfront location, we looked at how we could create a new type of outdoor leisure space in the city," Armin said.

View of the hotel. (Source: ZAS Architects Dubai)

Who'd have thought that one day we'll see an entire rainforest right in the middle of a desert!

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