Beauty blogger gets slammed on Instagram for posting this photo of a five year old girl with tons of makeup on!

Social media is quite volatile. One day you are putting on makeup for a tutorial and the next day you see people slamming it. Well, this time it was because of a photo of this young girl wearing heavy makeup, dark vampy lips and thick falsies. 

Blogger Fare Mirza. (Source: Instagram)

Italian beauty blogger Fare Mirza, who posts on the account 'idontneedanamebitch', shared the picture with her 204,000 followers yesterday to mixed reactions. Let's just say that some were kinder than the others.

She captioned the picture, "This is cute I mean it’s okay to do makeup on your daughter one time and use the right and safe products just for fun, it’s not okay if she wears it everyday lol." 

As you can see, the photo shows a young girl, who the blogger clarified has no connection to Mirza - with a sharply contoured face, heavily drawn on and filled in eyebrows, glittery eye makeup and deep plum colored lips. She also has loaded on fake eyelashes and has on a trendy top knot - sleek and perfect.

Fare told the Mail Online that the little girl - who she posted a similar photo of a few months ago - is not related to her and that she found the photos on another account and reposted them.

Some comments lashed out at her for being insensible, saying "Is it good putting on eyelashes since kids are really sensitive to chemicals? At a young age". Another one thoughtfully commented, "She will learn not to like her face."

(Source: Instagram)

One user went on to call it gross. "That's not cute! That's gross. It is too much for a kid."

(Source: Instagram)

One comment pointed out that she shouldn't be reposting photos of children that aren't hers. "You shouldn't be asking yay or nay, you should mind your own business. You shouldn't be posting pictures of kids that aren't yours"

(Source: Instagram)

The photos have been posted in another Instagram account called Eykiss Velasquez, who identified herself as the girl's mom. Here's a video posted last month with the two "doing" each other's make up. 

Another superimposed photo of the Instagrammer and the girl was posted with the caption, "My twin" The comments were similar here as well.

(Source: Instagram)

One user went to the extent of calling it sexualizing the girl, "Even if the daughter didn't/did "like" it. She's sexualizing her without realizing it. Oh also no I'm not a mother but sure as hell know that's not okay. Having some fun with makeup I understand once around 6 but definitely not posting it all over instagram nor that much makeup."

(Source: Instagram)

The mom was quick to defend, saying "how is makeup sexualizing ? Please stop right there ! Makeup it’s art & i will never put my daughter in a place to get molested because i know how it feels ! I’m a Christian woman and i always teach my daughter that she’s beautiful because God made us beautiful ! I always tell her that’s it’s better to inner beauty than outer beauty! I always tell her that her confidence comes from God and her strength from him as well , i always tell her to love the way God made her because we are made in his image ! I also tell her that makeup is art and it’s not to make ourself prettier but to have some fun ! You judge of one picture but don’t know what i teach my daughter!"

(Source: Instagram)

This is the post:

According to the same Instagram account, this is how the little girl looks without make up : 

This is not the first time that this beauty blogger has posted photos of this little girl with the over the top makeup - just last month a photo was posted on her Instagram of the child with a totally gown up pout and eyes closed, revealing a winged liner and metallic glitter shadow. 

 Before that it was this, with falsies on an infant. 

Mirza should have learned her lesson then, because, that photo too got a very similar reception. Some were appalled by her decision to make her toddler look so grown up, whereas others saw it as a bit of harmless fun. 

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