Pre-nuptial orgasm injections are a thing! Just ask this UK bride

If you are worried about the lack of libido ahead of your wedding, you can now get an 'orgasm shot'! The shot leads to an increase the size of her G-spot, labia and clitoris. A UK woman, Roxanne Macias, had found new love after ending a seven-year relationship with a much older man, in which she had 'virtually no sex' for the last three!

Roxanne Macias. (Source: Facebook)

But she opted for the treatment ahead of the marriage with fiance Vincent as she was concerned by her failure to have multiple orgasms, according to The Sun. Saying she was low on confidence after the break-up of her earlier relationship, Roxanne said she felt 'devoid of any femininity'. 

Roxanne had the simple, nonsurgical treatment to augment and rejuvenate the G-spot, clitoris and labia — enabling her to have prolonged multiple orgasms with her new man. Since Vincent proposed in January last year she has spent some £5,000 getting her body prepared for the big day later this year, with cosmetic improvements to her face as well as the 'O-shot'.

Roxanne Macias with her fiance Vincent. (Source: Facebook)

The 35-year-old had been stuck in a "relatively sexless" relationship for seven years. She said, "From the age of 24-31, I was going out with a man who was ten years older than me. "During that time, our sex life dwindled until for the last three years we had virtually no sex."

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Roxanne, who works in sales and marketing, explained that the lack of desire was on both sides and eventually they mutually decided to split. She said, "When the relationship ended my confidence was shattered. The lack of sex meant that I felt devoid of any femininity and as a result my confidence was low."

About a year later she met Vincent at a party and the pair hit it off but Roxanne was still bothered by her lack of libido and inability to have multiple prolonged orgasms. In 2015 she heard about the O-Shot — a doctor-administered treatment that can increase the size of the G-Spot, clitoris, and labia.

(Source: Facebook)

The procedure was carried out by Dr Shirin Lakhani, the first female doctor qualified to practise the treatment in the UK, at her clinic Elite Aesthetics, Kent.

Dr Shirin Lakhani, the first female doctor qualified to practise the treatment in the UK, at her clinic Elite Aesthetics, Kent. (Source: Facebook)

The process involved taking blood from Roxanne’s arm, spinning it to isolate the platelets responsible for rejuvenation and repair, and then injecting it back into the inner walls of her vagina and clitoris. It stimulates collagen production resulting in increased libido and heightened sensitivity.

Roxanne decided not to tell Vincent before she had the 45-minute procedure but started to see positive results within a couple of hours. She said, "I began to feel tingly down there and Vincent noticed very quickly because it allowed me to achieve multiple prolonged orgasms – something I hadn’t been able to do before. It also improved my libido."

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The treatment didn’t only increase Roxanne’s confidence in the bedroom. It gave her a boost in day-to-day life, and she even credits it for getting her promoted at work.

In January 2017, Vincent, 43, proposed to Roxanne and with the wedding booked for later this year, Roxanne embarked on getting her body, and mind, wedding-ready. This included a top-up of the O-Shot, which she had in November 2017 as well as a Platelet Rich Plasma procedure on her face, radiofrequency body contouring and Hydrafacials.

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In total, she spent about £5,000 on procedures to get her body wedding-ready. Shirin Lakhani, from Elite Aesthetics said, "The O-Shot PRP injection has given many women dramatic results.

"Almost all women who have had the injection enjoy an increase in their sexual response; like stronger and more frequent orgasms, decreased pain for those with dyspareunia (painful intercourse), increased lubrication, increased desire and greater arousal sensitivity from stimulation."

Sadly, the taboo surrounding intimate health is preventing women from seeking help for sexual health problems and this in turn can have an overwhelming impact on relationships and an individual’s self-esteem. 

(Source: Facebook)

"Treatments such as The O-Shot are revolutionising the current approach to sexual healthcare and offering hope to women across the UK."

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