Cheap plastic surgery leaves silicone implant leaking out of woman's nose

Plastic surgery is a boon to some. Just look at the Kardashians — the entire family has made millions thanks to this medical boon. But not all of are as lucky. Not just the millions part, but also the ' looks totally natural' part.

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This woman, whose name remains unknown had to have a face-saving surgery after a botched nose job left a silicone implant bulging from underneath her nostrils. Simply put, a large ball of silicone, looking queezy was sticking out from the tip of her nose.

The unnamed patient sought out experts in Thailand’s capital Bangkok, where medics at the Natchaya Clinic offered pro-bono surgery to fix the rhinoplasty gone horribly wrong. The patient did not reveal where she had her nose job done, but reports suggested it was at a cheap and likely unlicensed business, reported Metro.

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Photos of the woman’s nose show the sliding implant causing a bubble-like bulge beneath her nose, which later revealed itself to be the base of her silicone nose implant. Plastic surgeons have since removed the entire implant from her nose by pulling it out of the open wound. 

But unfortunately, this isn't the first time that people have gone out of their way for a better nose and ended up with one worse than a snowman's.

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1. The Thai woman who had implant sticking out on her forehead

The procedure lasted only a few minutes but may have potentially face-saving results once the woman recovers. Doctors have urged those seeking plastic surgery to only pay for licensed establishments in the country.

Last month another Thai woman revealed her similarly botched nose job, which caused her face to become inflamed and saw her silicone implant stick out from between her eyes. She also received surgery free of charge to have the problem corrected. She reportedly went under the knife in Thailand’s southern city of Hat Yai.

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She opted for a cheap rhinoplasty at a clinic that refused to help her. Following the procedure – intended to give her a more pronounced nose – the woman began suffering from infections and later inflammation around the area of her face where the surgery had taken place. The silicone implant began to reveal itself from the top of her damaged nose, between her eyes.

2. Tina Malone's breast explosion

Tina Malone's boob exploded after she had implants and the horrific moment was caught on camera. The actress, who played foul-mouthed drug dealer Mimi McGuire in Channel 4's Shameless, had a boob job as part of a £50,000 body makeover.

Tina Malone. (Source: Twitter)

But just days later she was left in agony when her left breast swelled up and burst, leaving a gaping hole. In graphic images, the telly star can be seen in hospital being examined by a doctor as she prepares to undergo an emergency operation.

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3. Dawn Knight's nightmare

A bungling surgeon has left a mother of two unable to close her eyes – even when she sleeps – after a cosmetic operation in 2012 went ‘terribly wrong’. Dawn Knight was sold a ‘lifetime aftercare package’ by The Hospital Group, the celebrity-endorsed private medical chain that arranged the £3,500 surgery at their Dolan Park clinic in Birmingham. Yet shockingly they have not stepped in to help or offered to repair the damage, despite the fact that the now 48-year-old, who was forced to seek corrective treatments on the NHS due to her severe vision damage.

Knight after the surgery. (Source: Twitter)

4. An eyelid surgery that led to permanently open eyes

In 2005, Marilyn Leisz went to Parker to fix the second cosmetic eye surgery. She had small bumps along her eyelid creases from the procedure. Leisz said Parker initially gave her Scarguard, a cream that would help smooth the skin.

"I was satisfied with the results," she said. "But he told me that I could not see what he could see, and I'd be very unhappy with the way I looked in a few years. He told me I needed surgery." He performed a blepharoplasty, an eyelid surgery meant to give a rejuvenated appearance to the surrounding area of the eye and make a person look rested and more alert.

When asked if she thought she should have questioned Parker, Leisz said: "He's the doctor. I trusted him. You're supposed to count on your doctor that they're being honest and truthful and not worrying about their own pocketbook."

Marilyn Leis, the womn who cannot close her eyes. (Source: Youtube)

Since surgery, Leisz cannot fully close her eyes. She uses steroid drops and creams to lubricate her eyes and wears a mask over her face at night to prevent scratching her corneas. Leisz said she is at high risk of getting glaucoma and potentially going blind because of the overexposure of her eyes.

5. Breast augmentation landed this girl in coma

Linda Perez, now 19, fell into a coma in the hour after her August 2013 breast augmentation surgery finished. She was 'a vegetable' for two months and showed the 'stirrings' of life in October before being released to go home in November. She can barely move, needs to be carried through the house, and can only say a few words.

Linda Parez (Source: Facebook)

Linda suffered brain damage in the hour after the breast augmentation finished but now the doctor who performed the surgery is filing to have access to her earlier medical records because he feels she hid key facts from him.

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