Tommy Lee posts a picture of his bloodied lip the day after he was knocked unconscious by son Brandon

Pamela Anderson's on-and-off ex Tommy Lee aired his dirty laundry on Instagram on March 6, when he posted an image of his battered face, claiming that his 21-year-old son, Brandon, had knocked him unconscious. The post was quickly deleted after users slammed him for making his domestic issues a public affair.

A screenshot of Tommy Lee's since-deleted Instagram post (Twitter)

The Motley Crue drummer, 55, looked pretty beat up with his swollen upper lip and dried blood on his face as he complained about his son being ungrateful for everything he had done for him and hitting him last night. 

Lee ended the post on a sarcastic note, writing "Good job Brandon! Great son," implying that the injury in the photo had been given to him by his son. As if that wasn't clear enough, he even clarified in a comment that he ended up in hospital after the altercation, writing, "He hit me and knocked me unconscious last night... I was in the hospital."

The singer was still furious about the incident as he derided his son's nonchalant attitude about the assault on the social media platform. He continued to defend himself up until he deleted the post, adding, "I don't hit my kids."

A screenshot of Tommy Lee's comments accusing his son of battery (Twitter)

A source close to Lee's oldest, Brandon, told TMZ that the showdown was triggered by the drummer's drunkenness, and alleged that Brandon had acted completely in self-defense. A number of users on Instagram brought up his history of alleged abuse and drunkenness to support the allegations.

However, despite taking down his Instagram post, Lee has taken to Twitter to shut down rumors that his drunken actions instigated the fight, by claiming that he was in bed with his fiancé, Brittany Furlan, when his son burst into the bedroom and attacked him.

Lee threw Brandon under the bus as he ranted against him on Twitter and claimed that he was knocked unconscious because he asked Brandon to leave the house and that he fled from the cops when they showed up. Hollywood Life received a statement from The L.A. County Sheriff Department PIO that confirmed that police were dispatched to his house in Calabasas on March 5.

The statement said that "the call was a possible battery report, ambulance & fire was dispatched. The disturbing party punched the father in the face and the disturbing party has access to firearms and it was unknown where the firearms were at. A battery report was taken and there is no indication that someone was arrested. No names are available at this time and the report is an active case…it is actively being investigated."

Pamela Anderson, Tommy Lee, and Brandon in happier times (Twitter)

This incident comes a few days after Lee's ex-wife, Anderson, 50, was on Piers Morgan's show and brought up the time her ex-husband spent six months in jail after pleading no contest to charges of assault against Anderson in 1998. The musician was furious about his past being dredged up and attacked the two on Twitter. You know what they say: Violence begets violence. 

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