Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield slammed for 'sexy vet' comments about Dr Evan Antin

When "sexiest beast charmer" appeared on This Morning's show for an exotic animals segment, very little heed was paid to his owl. All attention went to his looks.

After February 22nd’s episode of This Morning, the viewers took to social media to comment why their vets don’t look as good as Dr Evan Antin, who was on the show to flaunt his favorite animals. While the episode was a hit for all the attention it garnered, the TV hosts, Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield found themselves at the center of a Twitter row after they were accused of having ‘double standards’, mainly because they read out tweets which sexualized Dr Evan Antin.

This American vet has been featured in People magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive issue in 2014 and was even given the title of ‘sexiest beast charmer’. So naturally, when This Morning show had its segment on exotic animals and he appeared on the show with a European eagle owl with a wingspan of over one meter, a reptile and a turtle, fans gushed over his looks instead. 

The conversation at the show was all wildlife centric but when messages were read out at the end of it, it was all about the Canadian-born actor who has an uncanny resemblance to fictional Clark Kent.

Comments along the lines of “OMG he’s so fit”  and ‘Why does my vet not look like that?” was read out.

However, this did not go well with the viewers, who took to comment and question that if the vet was a lady doctor then would such comments be read out on the show? 

While a second agreed: "Why is it ok for #ThisMorning to sexualize men, with the vet piece… Yet if it was a lady vet & men were texting in the same comments, they wouldn’t be read out."

And a third added: "@thismorning Imagine men writing in things like that about a female vet?."

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