The favorites from Mad Men ran into each other at a party and sent fans on an nostalgia trip

January Jones who played Betty Draper in the series posted a picture of them together on Instagram.

While the show may be over, the friendship seems to remain. The cast of 'Mad Men,' the popular 60s theme show had a little get together during an Oscar after-party and the moment was caught on camera. 

January Jones as Betty Draper in Mad Men. (Source: Instagram)

The mini-reunion was posted by January Jones on her Instagram, where Jon Hamm, who played Don, Elisabeth Moss who played Peggy Olson, John Slattery who played Roger Sterling and Talia Balsam, who played Mona, Roger's ex-flame in the show smiled and sent fans in a fit of nostalgia. 

(Source: Instagram)

The only thing that appeared missing was their classic old school attire. The famous five looked all smiles, perhaps from meeting each other and having a nostalgia trip of their own. Fans were quick to get on board, saying things like they were rewatching the series just because of that one photo. 

Don, portrayed by Jon Hamm in the series. (Source: Instagram)

One user wrote, "Best show ever, I’m currently rewatching," under the picture that Jones captioned, "Funny who you find at parties this time of year."

Another user wrote, "Just finished rewatched the series for the third time!" The comment section was filled with crying emojis, missing the show. Is there an actual reunion on the cards? We sure hope so. 

The crew has a moment back in Season 1. (Source: Instagram)

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