Spice Girls locked in power struggle before big reunion at royal wedding

According to sources close to the Spice Girls, Geri Horner has been taking charge of plans for their reunion, which has pitted her against Victoria Beckham in a power struggle that is reportedly being mediated by Emma Bunton, with Mel C and Mel B staying out of the fray, The Sun reported on March 3.

The Spice Girls shared a photo of their first reunion since the 2012 Olympics. (Twitter)

A source told the newspaper, "Geri seems to see herself as the boss and has been ­firing off ‘taking charge’ emails. At the moment these come on an almost daily basis. Victoria has tried to take ­control of the merchandising and already has people ­working on the designs."

However, this reportedly did not sit well with Geri. "But the last time she stressed that, Geri steamed in and said that everything needed to be approved by everyone and that she should send Geri the new designs," the source said. "It’s all a bit playground, but tensions are building."

According to the source, "Mel B and Mel C are ­trying to stay out of it as much as possible, while Emma Bunton is acting as the peace-maker." Emma had already talked about healing the rift between her and Geri that emerged after Geri's shock exit from the band in 1998.

The Spice Girls were rocked by the sudden exit of member Geri back in 1998. (Twitter)

Emma once told The Sunday Mirror about repairing her relationship with Geri. "We’ve talked about it, "she explained. "My thing with her at that time, it was like my sister kind of going… I don’t want you to do this – leaving, not explaining. It was a while before she came back but we’re so close now. I love being around her – our children hang out."

Geri Horner and Emma Bunton are closer than ever. (Twitter)

Now that reports of conflict have surfaced, fans can only hope that it doesn't escalate and ruin the chances of an official reunion. The source told The Sun that Geri taking charge wasn't sitting well with the others, adding "Geri had caterers in for their ­meeting, so it was clearly something she had thought about beforehand. She also went on to speak about the reunion while the others have kept quiet, and that has been picked up on."

Geri Horner has reportedly taken charge of planning the Spice Girls' reunion. (Getty Images)

However, other sources close to the girls have come forward to deny that there is any conflict, claiming that they are getting along well and looking forward to the reunion, which is being masterminded by Simon Fuller, who the girls had previously sacked in 1997.

Mel C also denied any power struggles in an interview with The Sunday Mirror published on March 4, saying, "There’s none of that at all now, we are all very much equally involved in every decision that we make and it’s so important that everyone is happy and confident with that."

Spice Girls have been invited to the royal wedding. (Getty Images)

She clarified, "Back in the day, we were kids, growing up, we had fall-outs and made up, that’s bands, but now we are all mums in our 40s. People are absolutely more give and take." She admitted that she was inspired by the Time's Up movement to be more open to a reunion, claiming that the Spice Girls' girl power message was needed now more than ever.

Melanie C claims that all is well with the Spice Girls. (Getty Images)

Mel C told the Mirror that the comeback coinciding with the #MeToo movement was the perfect setup. She said, "We think it is a very powerful year for women in general and it seems very fitting to get our act together and be a part of that. We are at a point now where we really respect each other and appreciate each other and it feels like a really good time for us girls. That’s why we feel quite positive about moving forwards."

Will the Spice Girls bring girl power back in 2018? (Twitter)

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