Selena Gomez is eager to go back home after seeing Justin Bieber with Baskin Champion

Selena Gomez is not too happy seeing Justin Bieber and Baskin Champion together.

Selena Gomez is reportedly not happy with the idea of Justin Bieber enjoying with another girl back home. The 'Wolves' singer, who was in Australia hanging out with her pals, now wants to head back home and clarify what is going on with Justin and the blond beauty, Baskin Champion, according to Hollywood Life

Selena wants to rush back home to clear things out with Justin (Twitter)

This comes after the 'Sorry' singer was seen hanging out with Baskin amid rumors that he and Selena were taking time apart. "Selena is fleeing Australia and headed home after seeing Justin with another woman," a source close to Selena told the magazine. The source added that Selena was quite upset when she got to know that Justin was hanging out with another girl just days after they decided to take a break. 

"She is getting on a plane now, headed back stateside after working on herself in Australia for the week," the source said. "Selena is hurt and disappointed after seeing Justin with another woman, and she felt the need to run home immediately." She reportedly wants to work things out between them but believes it is not possible until she talks to Justin. 

Justin was seen hanging out with Baskin (Twitter)

"Things are definitely not done between Justin and Selena. She still has a lot of things to figure out and she is eager to come home to get clarity on everything," the source added. Even though Selena may not be too pleased about Justin and Baskin hanging out, but it has been reported that the two have been friends for a while now. 

Baskin’s sister, Abby Champion, is currently dating Justin’s friend, Patrick Schwarzenegger, so it would explain as to why the two were spotted together. Even though it may look like Justin has been moving on from Selena, things between the pair had been going well until recently when the two decided to take a break. The reason for them taking a break was reported to be Selena's decision of focusing on herself. 

The news about Selena and Justin surfaced after the two were spotted together enjoying a bike ride on the streets of LA.  They seemed happy and cheerful, but it wasn't until their PDA filled pictures emerged on the internet, the news about them getting back together was confirmed. 

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