Sarah Hyland may be leaving Modern Family after 9 seasons

She's seen in the middle of cheers from the crew as she says it's her last day on the set.

Sarah Hyland is leaving 'Modern Family', people! The actress confirmed on Instagram, in one of her many stories on Thursday, that the star is done filming for the season. She was seen amidst cheering and clapping amongst the crew as she bid goodbye to them. She said, "And that's a season 9 wrap on #modernfamily!!!!! at least for me and @starringgrico"

(Source: Instagram)

Sarah played the witty, in-your-face fashionista Haley Dunphy on the show whose dating life was always up for a toss. She along with Rico Rodriguez, who played the adorable and excessively good-hearted Manny Delgado were seen in the story, bidding a bittersweet goodbye. 

(Source: Instagram)

Hyland, who recently found herself being body-shamed for being too thin, isn't the type to hold back on things that are on her mind. But, this time, she didn't reveal why she was leaving the show. After she posted a photo on Instagram posing in her glittery Vanity Fair Oscar party outfit, some fans speculated that she had an eating disorder. Hyland clapped back with a middle finger emoji.

(Source: Instagram)

So does this exit mean that Sarah is completely off the show? There has been no confirmation of that yet. Afterall, nine seasons is a long time to be associated with a show. The filming of the season isn't over yet, we know that. Perhaps, she's done filming for this season only? For the sake of Modern Family fans, we hope it is. 


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