Robin Williams helped Sharon Osbourne fight cancer, reveals latest podcast

When Ozzy asked if he could helped, Robin is said to have put everything aside to be of help to her.

In an emotional podcast aired on Monday, Kelly and Jack Osbourne revealed how their mum Sharon Osbourne made it through one of the toughest phases of her life with the help of late actor Robin Williams, reported Metro.

Sharon and Robin. (Source: Getty Images)

Back in 2002, Sharon was diagnosed with colon cancer and it happened at the time that the family was filming their reality show The Osbournes. As she got on chemotherapy, Sharon was almost on the verge of giving up, revealed the podcast, but Robin made her change her mind. 

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He reportedly "dropped everything" and "came over".

Kelly Osbourne, 33, recalled the dark time when Sharon was so taken over by her sadness that she even forgot to care for her dog.

"Mum had gotten to a point in her chemotherapy that she’d kind of given up because it was when mum’s hair started to fall out.

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Mum was lying in this bedroom that she had curtained off. It was pitch black. She hadn’t gotten out of bed for like a week. Mum’s dog had to go to the hospital because she was dehydrated. Mum was dehydrated. And we couldn’t get her to go back to finish the chemo."

Kelly, Robin and Sharon. (Source: Getty Images)

The ordeal was perhaps worse for her and the family because they were reality stars and under scrutiny. Jack Osbourne, 32, looking back on the stressful times, especially with the filming, said, "For people who don’t know, during the filming of the show mum was diagnosed with colon cancer. It was like really early on when the show hit, and it was not a very fun time at all for anyone. Probably the least amount of fun for mum."

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When the family felt like they had run out of ideas to cheer her up, dad Ozzy, 69, decided to ask Williams to make a visit and get her back in the saddle again. Ozzy felt that "laughter is the best medicine" to help his ailing wife.

With Bon Jovi frontman Jon Bon Jovi at a 2002 red carpet event. (Source: Getty Images)

Kelly said, "Dad said laughter is the best medicine. And organized for Robin to come over and make mum laugh. And he just dropped everything. Came over to the house. Got in bed with mum."

Sharon at the VH1 Big Wards show in 2002. (Source: Getty Images)

She joyfully recalls the time things started looking up. "I just remember sitting at the bottom of the stairs and we went from crying, not knowing what to do, to peeing ourselves laughing because we could hear mum upstairs in her room laughing with Robin. The next day it changed everything and mum went back to chemo."

Sharon and Ozzy talk on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno in 2002. (Source: Getty Images)

Sharon added, "[He] was just one of the nicest, genuine people you could ever meet. Just such a good man. Good good man."

The Dead Poets Society actor died in August 2014 at 63 years old, leaving the world a little less cheerful. 

Actor Robin Williams who passed away in 2014 at the age of 63. (Source: Getty Images)

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