Chris Brown posts sweet birthday message for Rihanna but her fans aren't having it

Most of us just delete pictures of our ex after a break-up but it feels like Chris Brown isn't one of them. The Loyal singer seems to have stored pictures of Rihanna in some dark corner of his computer or phone, and even if he hasn't, he took the trouble of looking for a baby pic of Rihanna in order to post it on his Instagram and wish her happy birthday. 

RiRi, the badass queen of R&B and Hip Hop, turned 30 on February 20 and received a birthday message from her ex. The 28-year-old rapper uploaded a grainy picture of her as a toddler and simply wrote, "Happy Birthday @badgirlriri." To be honest, the message came out of the blue because we weren't aware that the two were even on talking terms. 

Chris Brown posted this message on Rihanna's 30th birthday. Source: Instagram

Riri and Chris broke off all relationship for good in 2012 after they initially ended their relationship in 2009. That year, Chris physically assaulted her in a rented car on the eve of Grammy Awards. A month later, he was charged with felony assault and making criminal threats. The rapper pleaded guilty to felony assault and entered a plea deal that included a probationary period of five years, six months of community service and one year of mandatory domestic violence counseling, according to Billboard.

The judge also put in place a restraining order on the rapper for five years, ordering him to stay at least 50 yards away from Rihanna at all times. Nevertheless, the couple sparked rumors of a reunion by collaborating on Nobody's Business on Chris's LP, Unapologetic. However, those rumors faded as they were rarely seen together after that incident.

Rihanna turned 30 on February 20 (Source: Instagram)

The rapper said in various interviews that he apologized to RiRi in the years after the physical assault. In his 2017 documentary, Chris Brown: Welcome to My Life, the rapper said the ex-couple fought about his past relationships and the argument ended with him punching her with a closed fist while driving.

Since the incident took place in 2009, Rihanna's loyal fans have been protective of their idol. And their fierce loyalty was on display when Chris wished her happy birthday.

One fan wrote on Twitter, "Chris Brown fans really want us to forgive his woman beating ass. Domestic abuse ISNT a mistake it’s a CONSCIOUS choice. Rihanna going back to him didn’t excuse his behavior as most domestic abuse victims do it continuously. He was canceled after that & always will be."

Another fan wrote, "Chris Brown is that ex that don’t know how to let go." Rihanna, as she usually does, DGAF.

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