Guys, Antoni Porowski of 'Queer Eye' can actually cook, co-star Tan France swears by it

If you are like me, then you have been as obsessed with Netflix's 'Queer Eye' as humanly possible, but have been plagued by the fact that many are criticizing the handsome and charming "food and wine" expert Antoni Perowski of not knowing how to actually cook.

Now, the proofs submitted by many are quite staggering, as an optimist I would like to keep my mind open. 

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This is why we decided to hear from the horse's mouth if the rumors are true. Can Antoni really cook? Or is he just a pretty face who can stir a pot sexily? We got the truth out of his 'Queer Eye' co-star Tan France and spoiler alert: he can! "He can absolutely cook. He cooked some of the best meals I have ever eaten in my life," in Tan's own words. 

"Antoni and I became very, very close because we are the only ones that don’t drink. So, we would hang out together every evening together when the other boys go out to events and parties, clubs and bars. Antoni would cook for me every now and then," he told Meaww exlusively. The other boys, obviously being Karamo, Jonathan and Bobby of the new Fab Five. 

"We both love to cook. I love to cook Indian food. He loves to cook everything else. And so, we would cook together almost every evening. That boy's skills are incredible. He can cook so well," Tan explained regarding the evenings he and Antoni spent cooking for each other.

Antoni, Bobby, Karamo, Tan and Jonathan (Instagram)

Tan, however, knows how the rumor got started. But, he wants us all to remember that Antoni's time on 'Queer Eye' doesn't exactly showcase the full range of what great a cook he is.

"What I want the audience to remember is that it is a 47-minute show and Antoni's segment at the end of the episode is only three-minutes long. He is not allowed to cook a full meal. That's not possible. He can only show give them a little tip that is appropriate for their life that they live," he said.  

Further, he added, "He is not making a meal for somebody who is living New York and is entertaining ten very cultured people. He is teaching somebody how to cook in their own home and family and he has to make it relatable to them."

Ultimately, Antoni just can't show off his cooking skills on 'Queer Eye' because "it isn't feasible to do it on the show."

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