$5 million worth of Princess Diana's items were found at her butler Paul Burrell’s home

Princess Diana's butler Paul Burrell stole royal items after her death and a new book claims that when his home was raided by the police they found some shocking material.

Naked pictures of members of the British royal family were found in Princess Diana’s former butler Paul Burrell’s home after the police raided his house soon after her death, according to a new book ‘The Pampered Prince’ by investigative journalist Tom Bower.

The raids on the royal butler's house also found hundreds of royal belongings worth a combined £4.5 million.

Photos of Prince Charles, Harry and William found (Photo by Tim Rooke - Pool/Getty Images)

During the search, 2,000 negatives were also discovered. One of the pictures showed Prince Charles in the bath with Prince William and Harry as well as many other pictures in which young Prince Harry and Prince William were naked.

Among these items were letters that Princess Diana wrote to Prince William. 

It also consisted a series of personal notes which is believed to be written for Prince William by Diana. At the same time, 30 signed pictures of the princess were also found. According to the book, when Detective Chief Inspector Maxine de Brunner and three other police officers asked Paul if there had been any other items that were stolen from the palace, he lied saying that there were none.

£4.5million worth items of Princess Diana found (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

He was then placed under arrest and the raid got underway. But when the police went to his house, the scene that they came across was unlike any they had expected. 

“What the detectives found was far beyond their expectations," the book states. "The rooms were filled with paintings, drawings, China and photographs that clearly belonged to Diana, who’d died three-and-a-half years before, and her children William and Harry."

Maxine recalls being shocked realizing everything that Paul had managed to steal from the royal family. But what surprised her, even more, was how Paul managed to steal something that belonged to the Queen. In Burrell’s study, she’d just spotted an expensive inlaid mahogany desk inscribed ‘Her Royal Highness’.

"How did you get all this?" she asked him. 

Paul claimed that the princess had given it to him. The book also claims that Prince Charles tried to stop the case from going to the court as he believed that it would portray the Royals in a negative light. Paul reportedly wrote a letter to Prince Charles claiming he would return everything if they do not file a case against him.

In October 2002 he was faced with three charges of theft but the trial was dropped 11 days after the prosecutors said that the Queen had a "recollection" of giving Paul her blessings to take care of the things. 

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