Prince Charles speaks about Love Island with Caroline Flack and Philip Schofield couldn't believe it !

Prince Charles met a group of British television personalities at the charity event and asked Caroline Flack about Love Island's plot. She politely answered that people enter the show to find love.

The Prince's Trust charity event is always a star-studded affair and one of the more controversial events in the royal family's calendar. In 1997, Prince Charles famously met the Spice Girls and had his buttocks pinched by Ginger Spice and this year, he discussed reality TV with host Caroline Flack. The second-in-line to the throne met the celebrity ambassadors for the Prince's Trust and had a rather strange conversation with Caroline.

Caroline Flack met Prince Charles at the Prince's Trust. Source: Instagram

When she was introduced to the monarch, Caroline informed him that she currently hosts ITV's Love Island. She said, "The lovely show of Love Island, which I’m sure you’ll have heard of right?" Charles, who perhaps doesn't have enough time on his hands to watch scandalous reality television asked her, "what is it?" Caroline giggled and told him that it was a dating show. 

In response, Charles asked if her partner is part of the show and she replied, "No, I host it. But people go on it to find love, and they do." The Love Island host found their exchange quite hilarious and posted it on her Instagram account. However, fans couldn't stop noticing Philip Schofield's reaction. One fan wrote, "The look on @schofe face!! Priceless." Another fan wrote, "Philip Schofield’s face! Good on ya @carolineflack."

Charles asked if her partner is part of Love Island. Source: Instagram

The Prince's Trust was held on Wednesday, March 7th and Charles met a number of influential people from the country. Charles reportedly had an awkward run-in with Philip. The This Morning presenter said on his show that the Prince of Wales promised to send a jar of honey to Philip's house but the present never came. The TV host reminded Charles about the honey. In Philip's words, Charles was "mortified" when he was asked about it, according to Daily Express.

In any case, Charles may have put it behind him as he went on stage and poked fun at singer Cheryl who's current surname is Tweedy. The 69-year-old told audiences, "I realized I knew the Cheryl bit but missed out on the Tweedy. But I'm enormously grateful to her for raising £1 million. She's a great Geordie and she makes such a difference in that part of the world." 

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