It seems that Kim Kardashian and Madonna have known each other for ages and these pictures are proof

Clearly, Kim Kardashian and Madonna go way back and Kim K has revealed some of her fondest memories of the legendary pop star.

Not many people knew that there was a possible back story to Madonna's Instagram picture with Kim Kardashian and Cardi B but it is believed that Kim Kardashian and Madonna go way back even before Kim's 'KUWTK' days. According to People, Kim revealed how "She, at a time period in her life, moved in with her manager who happened to be our next door neighbor growing up."

(Source: madonna, Instagram)

Kim continued,  "So Kourtney and I would walk — our parents were good friends with her manager — so we’d walk their dog after school. So every day we would go over and we would see Madonna. Like, we were shaking!" Kim even remembers how the Material Girl even gave her and Kourtney some bracelets right off her wrists. 

Kourtney and Kim Kardashian as Madonna and Michael Jackson (Source: Pinterest)

"I remember so vividly her coming in one day in ripped jeans and a white t-shirt and these combat boots and she had dark short hair and this leather jacket and she just walked in and she was like, ‘You know what, girls? I’m over these bracelets. And she took off her bracelets and gave us these black rubber bracelets." 

Madonna and Kim Kardashian (Source: madonna, Instagram)

When Kim and Kourtney proceeded to tell their friends that they got the neon jewelry from none other than Madonna herself, Kim recalls how no one believed them. The 59-year-old pop star wishes that she had not given them away and said, "I was so stupid, by the way. They don’t make those bracelets anymore!" She was hurriedly assured by Kim who promised to find them for her. 

Madonna and Kim Kardashian (Source: madonna, Instagram)

Kim and Madonna had the chance to catch up at an event for KKW Beauty which is Kim's makeup line as well as MDNA which is Madonna's skincare line. The two superstars spoke about when they had first met during a panel discussion and this happened when Kim K was only a child.

The Kardashian fans and followers are well aware of the fact that Kim is a huge Madonna fan but no one really knew that they were friends. In the year 2012, Kim shared a photograph of the two women at the MET Gala and captioned the photograph, "When we first MET," which convinced people that they had not met before and Kim was just fangirling.

Kim Kardashian and Madonna (Source: Pinterest)

A year later, Kim shared a photograph with her sister, Kourtney and looked to Madonna's music for inspiration for an appropriate caption, "Kim-Blonde Ambition Kourtney-Express Yourself #Madonna."

Kim and Kourtney Kardashian (Source: Pinterest)

For Halloween in the year 2017, Kim Kardashian went to the extent of actually dressing up as Madonna while Kourtney K did her best Michael Jackson impression. In a video that she uploaded,"I love Madonna. I have so many amazing memories of Madonna as a kid." 

Clearly, Madonna has made a huge impact on a young Kim Kardashian so much so that she fondly remembers the memories till day. 

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