Jim Carrey releases ‘monstrous’ painting and people are convinced it looks like Sarah Huckabee Sanders

Jim Carrey took a dig at the Trump administration by painting a monstrous picture of Sarah Huckabee.

Recently, Jim Carrey shared a portrait that he had painted on his Twitter account. The painting showed an angry looking woman who Jim had called "a so-called Christian and a liar".

As soon as the actor shared the picture, many started tweeting about how they were convinced that the picture was of White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

Jim Carey shared a picture which looked like Sarah (Twitter)

While there was no doubt that the picture looked quite unflattering, the message that was attached to the picture is what turned the entire incident into a harsh statement and an indirect dig towards the Trump government.

"This is the portrait of a so-called Christian whose only purpose in life is to lie for the wicked. Monstrous!" he wrote. 

It was quite clear that the message Jim was trying to convey was understood by many. Some of them even wrote responses of their own in which they appreciated how the actor chose to put forward his thought without caring what others might say to it. 

"Man, when #JeffSessions cuts it, he does it with a blade, not with a spoon. I love this guy. Stealth ninja," one user wrote.

While another suggested some changes that could have been made to the painting in order to make it look more "realistic".

"How dare you speak for anyone I think it's a brilliant painting looks like she should have put crap pouring out of the mouth to be realistic," the tweet read. 

Another twitter was impressed by Jim and his painting skills as the tweet read "Uncanny resemblance, you sir have a good talent, keep it up." Meanwhile, another wrote, "You were able to capture her soul and that anger that seethes her. Sometimes when I see her, she seems so mean and you captured this. Nice job!!"

However, there were a few fans of Sarah who were not impressed to see the picture and quickly went on to comment how the actor should not have painted the picture.

"God will strike fear into your wicked heart, Jim Carrey. Shame on you!" one wrote.

While another tweeted, "Sarah is a beautiful person who has a real life! Real children who love her, real friends and family who respect her, and real values, and a God who loves her! You, on the other hand, have nothing!"

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