Jack Tweed lashes out at Jade Goody's ex-husband Jeff Brazier for saying she was 'disorganized'

Jack Tweed probably really needs to understand what Jeff Brazier is trying to convey here.

Jack Tweed has lashed out at Jeff Brazier for claiming Jade Goody's 'forgetfulness and fear' was what had stopped her from going to the doctor' for a smear test.

The television presenter spoke to the Daily Express on Tuesday. Jeff revealed that he took a precautionary test when he found it difficult to pass urine. He said that he would rather be safer than sorry, and was familiar with the loss of a loved one ignore her body's warning signs. 

Jade ignored the warning signs. (Getty)

Jeff said that his late ex-wife wasn't ready for the testing. "We were no longer together when she got ill so I don't know whether it was forgetfulness or fear that prevented her from getting help sooner," he said. Jack Tweed, who married Jade in 2009 weeks before her death, lashed out at him. He shared a link to the interview on his Twitter page with the caption: "Well, that's a lie ???" He then quickly deleted the post. 

Source: Twitter

Jade passed away aged 27 in 2009. Jeff recalled her bubbly character and positivity in his interview. But her only drawback was not being systematic. "Jade was this amazing, larger-than-life character and she had so many wonderful qualities but organization wasn't one of them. She was young and her health probably wasn't a priority. But as I've since learnt, it needs to be top of everyone's list." he said.

Jade and Jeff had two sons together. (Getty)

Jade and Jeff had two sons together. After her death, Jeff raised the boys Bobby and Freddy on his own. They both miss their mother. "My boys have grown up without the mother who adored them and they suffer for it every single day. Grief like that never ever goes away."

Sometimes, the thought of her death manages to agitate Jeff. "I try not to be bitter but sometimes I do get angry," he said, "I feel devastated for Jade and so sad for our boys. I do everything I can to love them and keep Jade's memory alive but I can never replace their mum. That loss is too great."

Jade and Jack got married four weeks before her tragic death. (Getty)

Jeff and Jade began dating in 2002 and ended their relationship in 2004. Later in 2006, Jade found love again with Jack, and they got married in 2009. Four weeks later, she succumbed to her illness. 

Even though his interview feels like he's putting Jade in a negative light, he stresses more on early detection and effective treatment. So maybe Jack needs to read before he goes on the attack. That's probably why he took down the tweet.

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