J. Paul Getty's great granddaughter and Gigi Gorgeous get engaged in a dramatic Parisian proposal

J. Paul Getty's great-granddaughter, Nats Getty, proposed to her girlfriend of two years Gigi Gorgeous in a romantic setting in Paris. The couple took a helicopter ride to a castle decorated with the question, "Will you marry me?"

Youtube sensation Gigi Gorgeous and girlfriend Nats Getty are engaged. The 25-year-old internet personality shared this happy news with her 2.2 million followers on Instagram by uploading a picture of them and a glittering diamond ring that sparked on her ring finger. Gigi captioned the photo, "OMGGG I GOT ENGAGED!!!!!!" Gigi and Nats' engagement picture was as dramatic as the proposal itself.

Nats Getty proposed to Gigi on their trip to Paris. Source: Instagram

Gigi, whose real name is Gigi Lazzarato, was proposed to during her Paris vacation with Nats. The social media influencer uploaded a video of their proposal on YouTube and took fans on a behind-the-scenes look at how it transpired. 

Gigi transitioned as a transgender female in 2013. Source: Instagram

Suffice it to say that it was quite dreamy. The couple took a helicopter ride to a castle, which glittered with the question, "Will you marry me?" In the video, Gigi could be heard saying, "I feel like that was a full dream," and added, "This is everything. Look at this! It’s so beautiful!" 

Gigi rose to fame as a YouTube beauty vlogger. Source: Instagram

The couple celebrated their engagement by opening a bottle of champagne and sharing it with their friends and family. A few days ago, Gigi dropped hints about a big announcement, saying she can barely keep a secret anymore. She finally revealed the news on Thursday, March 8, that Nats, her girlfriend of two years proposed. 

Gigi uploaded this picture before she announced her engagement. Source: Instagram

Gigi, an internet personality, and a trans activist, started dating great-granddaughter of oil tycoon J. Paul Getty after they met in February 2016. Gigi came out as a gay male before she transitioned as a transgender female in December 2013.

She later identified herself as a lesbian in September 2016 after she started dating Nats. She told People earlier, "It’s crazy how life takes you on these roads that you’d never expect. I never thought I’d fall for a girl. But I wouldn’t change it for the world."

Gigi and Nats have been dating since 2016. Source: Instagram

Since then, Gigi, 25, has been open about their relationship on social media.  In January, she uploaded a picture of them and paid a beautiful tribute to their love. Gigi wrote, "God brought us together and already given us so many beautiful memories, I wonder what our next adventure will be." 

In November 2017, the couple sparked rumors of having a baby via a surrogate. Gigi posted a photo of her cradling a toddler and captioned it, "Our little angel." n another picture, she wrote, "Thank You to our surrogate." However, her representative Laura Ackermann clarified rumors and stated, "Gigi and her girlfriend, Nats, did not have a child together. Gigi's use of the word 'surrogate' was not meant the way it was received... Her use of the term while holding her friend's new baby was meant playfully, as she was stepping into the parenting role and caring for the child during her visit."

Gigi and Nats with a friend's baby. Source: Instagram

The couple sparked rumors that they've welcomed a baby via a surrogate. Source: Instagram

Nats, born Natalia, is a model, artist, activist, and heir to the Getty oil fortune, according to Dapper Q Magazine. The 25-year-old was born in California but moved to England at the age of 8 to study in a boarding school. Unlike her girlfriend, Nats, likes to keep a low-profile working on new designs for her lifestyle brand, Strike Oil. The company's androgynous clothes resonate with what she's often spotted wearing.

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