Coronation Street star Bill Roache's daughter Vanya died from liver failure, says partner in touching tribute

On Wednesday, March 8th, news broke that Coronation Star Bill Roache was given compassionate leave by ITV after the death of his daughter, Vanya.

Coronation Street star Bill Roache's daughter Vanya, 50, died from liver failure, it has been revealed. Her fiancé Toby revealed that she died from liver failure and that it happened quite quickly. He said in his statement, "We are very private people, all the family are and so we don't really want to speak about it. Vanya was a nice person, a lovely person. It was a liver failure that she died of, it happened very quickly. But I don't really want to talk about it, we're very private people." 

Toby's post sheds light on what led to her sudden death, which is believed to have occurred on February, March 2. Bill's daughter lived with her partner and their beloved dog in Chichester, West Sussex. We reported earlier that Vanya was Bill's daughter from his first marriage to Anne Cropper. The TV icon was married to Cropper from 1961 to 1974.

A picture of Vanya Roache with her friends. Source: Facebook

Their marriage ended as infidelity and alcoholism clouded the former couple's happiness. He once famously said that he began dating other women from 1965 onwards. Bill met his second wife Sara Mottram in 1971 and they remained married until her death in 2009. During this time, however, the TV star's relationship with his eldest daughter wasn't on the best terms. 

In 1990, Vanya told Sunday Mirror that she didn't care about her father when he declared bankruptcy. "I don't feel sorry for him at all about this bankruptcy business after he walked out on us. I'm sure as ever he'll manage to land on his feet again and be OK. I've lost count of the years since we last spoke. I'm not bothered what happens to him. We have nothing to do with each other after what went on in the past," she said. 

A young Bill Roache with kids Linus and Vanya. Source: Facebook

The actor too spoke about his rift with Vanya, stating, "She has drifted off in another direction. I would rather not talk about unhappiness because I have such a happy family now. She is there, but unapproachable. I never wanted to be a bad husband or a bad father but sometimes things go wrong." According to Daily Mail, Vanya was a cheerful person who loved her "nights about town." The outlet claimed that Vanya worked as a waitress in the 90s and lived in a small three-bedroom house in East Wittering, near Chichester.

The father and daughter seemed to have made-up sometime after Bill's second wife's death. She showed her support when he faced sexual assault allegations in 2014. Vanya uploaded a picture of her family on Facebook and captioned it, "My beautiful family, wonderful father and a very happy and truthful day. A source close to the 85-year-old actor said that ITV gave Bill an extended compassionate leave after hearing news of Vanya's death. An insider said, "Bill is utterly heartbroken. No father should have to go through the loss of a child, let alone two. ITV are giving him all the time he needs but he's understandably very upset," The Sun reported. 

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