Vietnamese pop singer Chau Viet Cuong arrested for killing a woman by force feeding her garlic

Singer Chau Viet Cuong was convicted of killing a woman by feeding her garlic in his own exorcism ritual.

Vietnamese pop singer, Nguyen Viet Cuong, who performs under the name Chau Viet Cuong, was arrested for allegedly killing a 20-year-old woman by shoving garlic cloves down her throat, according to local daily Tuoi Tre News. After the incident came to light, the singer was arrested by police in Hanoi. 

Chau Viet Cuong accused of killing a woman by shoving garlic down her throat (Facebook)

Upon investigation, the singer told the police that he had arrived at a friend’s house in Ba Dinh District at around 3:30 am on Monday in order to attend a party. Chau was accompanied by one of his friends, Doan Quy Nguyen for the party. Doan is also a fellow singer who goes by the stage name Nam Khang.

The two singers had also invited Huyen and another female (who has not been named) to the party and it was during this that all of them decided to consume narcotics. Unaware of what could possibly go wrong, all of them reportedly started having hallucinations at around 8 a.m. 

It was during this that Chau was convinced that Huyen was possessed by an "evil spirit". Unable to figure that he was not in his senses, the singer thought that what he believed was true and decided to take matters into his own hands by performing an exorcism. 

Huyen died due to suffocation (Facebook)

In order to start the ritual of exorcism, Chau went out to purchase a large amount of fresh garlic and began scattering them on the floor and around the house. He also managed to convince Huyen of the same. The two, after being taken over by hallucinations, started putting garlic cloves into their mouths. 

Things went out of hand when Chau reportedly shoved her down on the floor and started to shove one garlic after another down her throat which ultimately led to her death due to suffocation. Their friends reportedly tried to stop the incident from taking place but were unable to do much as they too were intoxicated. A police autopsy found 33 garlic cloves stuck in Huyen's windpipe and concluded that the cause of death was congestion in the respiratory tract. The singer has reportedly not yet been charged.

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