Revealed: The final date decides what will happen in the Bachelor's Fantasy Suite

The Bachelor's Fantasy Suite has earned itself quite the reputation and the secrets behind the scenes have finally been revealed.

The Fantasy Suite on The Bachelor is almost as legendary as the show itself and many viewers want to know the truth behind what goes on in the infamous Fantasy Suite itself. Over the past couple of years and shows, the Bachelor viewers have seen many bachelors and bachelorettes take their remaining three contestants away for some quality spending time before they are ready to hand out their final rose. 

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It is during the final date that the suitor and contender are given the choice and the invitation to either forgo their separate rooms and stay as a couple in the reputed Fantasy Suite. What really goes on in these suites is something that many of The Bachelor viewers want to know. 

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As reported by ET Online, former Bachelor star Chris Soules said, "You wake up at kind of at your leisure (around 8:00 or 9:00 am). The next morning you’re preparing for your next date with the next girl." When asked how each night is planned out, he said, "It’s like one day, one off night… so it’s every other night." 

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According to Ali Fedotowsky, "I think a lot of people do on the show, it's not just Nick,” Ali said. “And from talking to the ‘Bachelors’ and ‘Bachelorettes,’ most do sleep with the people in the fantasy suites." 

"I think maybe they give [condoms] to the guys, which is crazy," Ali revealed, though she also says that the exact details of the suite are blurry. "They should give [protection] to the girls, too, but I think they just [give condoms to the guys] to make it not awkward."

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Soules told ET, "[The condoms] are in the room already, all the stuff is in the room already. Stuff like [lube] probably, stuff that some people use." Soules also revealed how all the contestants are checked and tested for STDs during the casting process itself and in his words, "You get tested for everything, it’s not just STDs. They know more about you than you know about yourself by the time you go on that show."

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According to Scott Jeffress who spoke to Vanity Fair, producers of the show were initially unsure of how contestants would react to the Fantasy Suites and more than men, it was women who struggled with accepting the idea that the bachelor had been intimate with another woman. 

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One of the producers of the show revealed, "Women really felt like it was creepy and weird. So you just have to say, ‘Look, this is just the way the show works. It’s not his fault. Are you feeling it? Do you feel like you’re ready to go to that level yet? Because now’s your chance—just saying.’ And once they get on the date with him, it all goes away. It’s their world and there’s no one else there."

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When contestants make it to the final three or the Fantasy Suite level, what happens behind the doors does not remain a secret and the producers will almost always know all that goes on inside. The producers sleep in the same two-room villa as the couple which is just a wall over so yes, they hear everything. 

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