NBC sued over death of 79-year-old disabled woman who fell and died after 'America's Got Talent' crew blocked disabled ramp

NBC is being sued for wrongful death by the family of a woman who died after allegedly falling out of her wheelchair near the set of America's Got Talent's shoot.

NBC, already under a cloud for allegedly covering up news of Harvey Weinstein's perversions, is being sued by the family of a 79-year-old woman who was injured (and later died) while trying to use a disabled access ramp that was blocked because of the shooting of 'America's Got Talent'.

Maureen Allen's family claims she died on June 25, 2017, because of "severe and debilitating injuries" she suffered on March 26 last year while trying to maneuver her wheelchair over an obstruction that blocked access to a handicap ramp at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium.

Allen was with her husband volunteering at the 67th Annual Los Angeles County Science and Engineering Fair, which was being held at the center. Both of them were using motorized wheelchairs.When they discovered that disabled access points to the auditorium were blocked due to 'America's Got Talent' filming, the had no other option but to navigate around the myriad obstacles in the wheelchairs.

Judges on the set of America's Got Talent 2017 (Source: Pinterest)

"The television show's trailers and equipment were blocking all handicap access points to the building except for one," writes the family's attorney, Brian Panish.

"However, in order to gain access to the SUBJECT RAMP, individuals with disabilities were forced to navigate and maneuver over a large power cord protector that obstructed the only available path of travel," the statement elaborates.

According to the complaint, in the incident, the front wheel of Allen's wheelchair got caught on the cord protector and the chair flipped onto its side. Allen was thrown from the chair onto the payment, which resulted in a broken hip and injuries to her head and arms.

The injuries, her family claims, caused a blood clot and severe stroke and caused Allen to undergo multiple procedures including a hip replacement. She died after two days on life support.

Besides suing NBC, the family is also suing the City of Pasadena and the show's producers. NBC is yet to respond to the claims

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