Amber Rose goes after those who called her son 'gay' for liking Taylor Swift

Amber Rose is done with your bullying behavior. The model recently took to her Instagram to shut down trolls who called her son 'gay' for liking Taylor Swift. 

Little Sebastian Taylor, who loves Taylor Swift, was excited to find out that his favorite pop star had sent him concert tickets.

The 5-year-old was thrilled to open the surprise gift, exclaiming "for real?!" when his momma told him that the tickets were for him.

"This is so exciting!" the little boy continued. 

For all those who are unaware of this fact, Sebastian is a huge Taylor Swift fan. Before her album 'Reputation' was even released, Sebastian knew all the words to Taylor's hit song 'Look What You Made Me Do.'

"He loves him some @taylorswift," Amber admitted when posting the video that received well over 1.5 million views.

Look how excited that little face is! Sebastian is definitely looking forward to the concert. But it looks like the haters had something to say about the little boy's happiness. Some of Amber's followers judged the 5-year-old's music taste, while some called him "gay."

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Moma Rose was not having any of that. The next day, Amber shared her thoughts on the haters in her Instagram story. 

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The model and makeup mogul went claws-out to defend her little boy from the trolls. Amber blamed the haters for young children being bullied for being themselves. 

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The proud mom also made it very clear that she allows her son to be himself which is the most important thing.

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Amber finally shut down the rant by simply making it clear that she's above the hate that was directed towards her family.

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Safe to say that if you mess with the cub, the momma bear will come for you. We're just going to say one thing: shake it off, Sebastian, just shake it off!

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