Former Canadian Premier Kim Campbell roots for Hurricane Dorian to hit Trump's Mar-a-Lago, says it would 'shake up his climate change denial'

The only female PM of Canada till date came in for quite a bit of criticism for her wish, but she held her ground saying "Trump's indifference to suffering is intolerable"

Former Canadian Prime Minister, Kim Campbell, has said that she is "rooting" for Hurricane Dorian to directly hit President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago club at Florida's coast. Campbell, the country's only female prime minister till date, took to Twitter on Wednesday, to write: "I’m rooting for a direct hit on Mar a Lago!"

The former Canadian leader continued to tweet about the storm on Thursday, writing how it appears to be heading towards Mar-a-Lago. "Well, we will see if Mrs. Post’s design can stand up to the assault!" Campell wrote in her tweet, referring to the cereal heiress Marjorie Merriweather Post, who built Mar-a-Lago. "I know Palm Beach well and am sorry if it gets a big hit."

"I wish I [could] believe that it [would] shake up Trump’s climate change denial! Only today his admin has removed [regulations] to limit methane - a worse GHG than CO2!" Campbell continued in a tweet.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, on Thursday, declared a state of emergency in all the 67 counties across the state in the wake of the oncoming hurricane and urged residents to gather enough food, water, and other supplies for at least a week.

President Trump, who calls his Mar-a-Lago resort the "Southern White House," called the storm "an absolute monster" in a video he tweeted on Thursday. He also compared it to Hurricane Andrew, which hit Florida in 1992, wreaking havoc on the state. Reports state that Trump canceled his upcoming trip to Poland this weekend to monitor the hurricane. 

"All indications are it’s going to hit very hard and it’s going to be very big," Trump, in the video, said.

Meanwhile, Campbell received criticism over her comments on Mar-a-Lago, with one Twitter user writing: "What the heck is wrong with you. There are real people who live and work there."

To which the former Canadian leader replied with: "As there are in Puerto Rico- sorry you don’t get snark- but Trump’s indifference to suffering is intolerable! [Would] also help if he tackled climate change which is making hurricanes more destructive! Instead, he will remove limits on methane! Get a grip!" 

President Trump's son, Eric Trump, also hit back at Campbell, calling her "classless" in a tweet. "Our family is rooting for the safety of millions of homes, businesses, families and wonderful people in a great State of Florida," Eric Trump tweeted, along with the hashtag, #Classless.

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