Vote with your hearts: The hottest male politicians...shirtless!

There are but a few scenarios where sexy and politics go together. But every so often, a political leader comes along, as aesthetically pleasing as they are ambitious and apart from being respected for their skill and experience in the political field, their good looks works for them just fine along the way.

These hot male politicians are granted to make you swoon without considering a single political point of view. Even though you might not agree on Vladimir Putin's take on foreign policy, you have to agree he looks smoking with his shirt off. We bring you the 10 hottest politicians — shirtless!

1. Vladimir Putin

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You can go ahead and try your hand at diplomacy with Vladimir Putin while he shoots you with good looks. As more and more shirtless images of the Russian President surface the internet, riding horses, and snuggling animals, it gets all the harder to remember his standing in the political world. Unquestionably handsome, the man has smartly built his career on more than just his looks. There are people writing songs for him for Pete's sake.

2. Barack Obama

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Even though he's slightly grey around the edges, there is no denying Barack Obama is still just as handsome as when he first took office in 2008. With a wicked sense of humor, the man apart from being super hot is also super smart. How lucky is Michelle Obama to be able to caress those chiseled abs. Obama's taste in rap is unparalleled and being a native of Hawaii, his physique sure can pull a bathing suit. Not to mention, he looks absolutely gorgeous shirtless.

3. Justin Trudeau

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Maybe one of the best reasons to move to Canada is Justin Trudeau. The dreamy 46-year-old is crush-worthy for many reasons. When he addresses the public, rather than listening to him, people swoon over his impressive bubble-butt. Trudeau's irresistible charm has also made him the star of many “Mr Steal Your Girl” memes. The man is also a self-proclaimed feminist. As if we need any more convincing.

4. Donald Trump

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Perhaps many of us take it for granted that Donald Trump's appeal is not one of sexual variety. Apart from being wrapped in fame and money, the President of the United States is wrapped around his enigmatic appeal. Tall, lean, and blond with dazzling white teeth, there are many women who do find him attractive.  

5. Emmanuel Macron

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A hunky neo-liberal with lovely hair. At 40, Macron is France's youngest leader after Napolean Bonapart. Young, handsome, French, and not crazy! There was a Twitter outbreak over who was hotter — Macron or Trudeau. Regardless of who is better, we are not denying hot men from running countries. 

6. Aaron Schock

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The Republican Congressman from Illinois got his boost from the leaked photo that first appeared on TMZ. The magazine deems him "the fittest man in Congress," and he has the abs to prove it. Aaron Schock sure has a Schock-ing body! If one is planning to lead a healthy lifestyle and staying fit, they must consider Schock their role model. 

7. Paul Ryan

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Paul Ryan's love for the PX90 workout has been no secret but TMZ scored a shirtless picture of the Republican that we have to agree to looks oh so lovely! In a photo that was taken on a family vacation in Oklahoma, Ryan was clicked bare-chested by a lake. His killer abs are part of his effort in leading a healthy lifestyle.

8. Jeff Flake

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The anti-pork crusader has a principled stance on earmarks which has earned him respect throughout the political spectrum. The dirty, ruddy-cheeked Republican went full Robinson Crusoe as he slept in a hammock, spearing fish, and building fires without the aid of matches. Unlike the rest, he isn't afraid to take his top off for the benefit of the masses.

9. Scott Brown

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As a 22-year-old law student in June 1982, former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown (R) won Cosmopolitan's "America's Sexiest Man" contest and was paid $1,000 to model for the magazine, which helped pay for his schooling and which also launched a lucrative part-time modeling career for him in the 80s.

10. Chris Lee

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In what was one of the biggest political scandals, Gawker revealed that "the Craiglist Congressman," Chriss Lee, trolled personal ads on crossdressers in the past. Lee resigned just hours after Gawker published shirtless photos Lee took of himself that he sent to a woman on Craiglist. All though, Lee claims his email was hacked! 

So here we are! Who do you think is the sexiest?

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