Serena Williams reaches out to fans for advice after baby daughter Alexis goes through a rough patch

Like every mother, Serena Williams cannot bear to see her darling baby in tears. Recently, the tennis champion sought advice from fellow mothers by posting a heartfelt message on her Instagram sharing her experiences as a new mom. 

Serena shared a picture of her daughter sharing her grief; Instagram

“Teething – aka the devil – is so hard. Poor Alexis Olympia has been so uncomfortable,” Serena wrote in the caption with a picture of her daughter Alexis Olympia. "She cried so much (she never cries) I had to hold her until she fell asleep. I’ve tried amber beads… cold towels…. chew on mommies fingers…. homeopathic water (lol on that one) but nothing is working. It’s breaking my heart," she continued. 

She tried to seek help fro her fans; Instagram

In fact, the recent change has left Serena feeling helpless as she believes she is not able to help her daughter. “I almost need my mom to come and hold me to sleep cause I’m so stressed,” Serena continued, adding, “Help? Anyone??”

Serena felt stressed that she could not help her daughter; Instagram

Luckily for Serena, fans were quick to jump on board and help the new mother find a solution, which could ease her daughter's pain. One fan suggested Serena try Baby Orajel, while another wrote that she should let Alexis chew on frozen fruit.

Fans jumped in with their suggestions; Instagram

Some even referred to their own experiences: “Frozen wet face cloths always worked for me. The cold eases the pain and the roughness of the cloth feels good on the gums.” This is not the first time Serena has sought parenting help from her fans. 

Serena has tried approaching her fans for various help; Instagram

Previously, Serena asked people to clear her doubts on  breastfeeding while sharing a picture of her daughter resting in her arms. She wrote, "Fellow moms: How long did you breastfeed? Is it weird that I get emotional when I even just think about when it’s time to stop?" 

Previously, Serena approached fans to discuss her concerns about breastfeeding; Twitter

At that time her fans did not disappoint her as there was a huge wave of tweets with people giving the new mom advice. The tweet also caught the attention of Broadway star and mom-of-two, Audra McDonald who gave Serena a useful pinch of advice. 

Her fans jumped in to help her out; Instagram

“I nursed my older daughter until she was almost 2. Still going with my 1 year old right now,” she tweeted. “You’ll know when it’s time to stop. Enjoy! She is beautiful!" she wrote. Serena and her husband Alexis Ohanian had their daughter Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr. just two months, before the two said "I do"

People were surprised to know that she was pregnant; Instagram

Serena had kept her pregnancy a secret for quite a while. It came as a surprise to everyone when she shared a picture of herself on Snapchat with the caption "20 weeks". This immediately sparked speculation among her fans. 

Serena told in an interview that she wasn't planning on revealing her pregnancy; Instagram

Later that day, Serena's spokesperson confirmed that the couple was expecting their first child. However, the announcement of her pregnancy had been unintentional as Serena was planning to keep it a secret for a few more days. In an interview with People, Serena admitted that the snapchat post had been an accident.

Serena wanted to wait a couple of days more before revealing about her pregnancy; Instagram

“I didn’t tell a lot of people to be quite honest and I’d been saving it. On social media, you press the wrong button and … Thirty minutes later I missed four calls and I’m like, ‘That’s weird.’ But it was a good moment. I was only going to wait five or six more days to share," she told the magazine.

Fans were surprised to see that she managed to win the Australian Open during the same; Instagram

But what people could not believe was that Serena managed to play the Australian Open and win it when she was eight weeks pregnant. On November 16, when Serena and Alexis tied the knot, it was Olympia who stole the show looking beautiful and adorable as ever. 

Olympia stole the show during Serena's wedding; Instagram

She arrived at the wedding in the arms of her grandmother wearing a sweet white dress. On several occasions, Serena has told her followers about how her husband Alexis loves spoiling their daughter with gifts and dresses.

She often complains about Alexis pampering her too much; Instagram

In one of her Instagram photos Serena says: "I do love Alexis Sr. @alexisohanian but if he buys one more outfit or toy for Olympia @OlympiaOhanian I’m going to explode." 

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