Laura Govan isn't interested in Tamar Braxton's ex, she prefers 'em "lighter" and "whiter"

Tamar Braxton has been airing her and husband Vince Herbert's dirty laundry in public, and if there is one person who refuses to be dragged into their drama, it is Laura Govan. After the Braxton Family Values star allegations about her ex making a certain "w***e" pregnant, her army of fans were quick to jump to the conclusion that the said side piece is Laura Govan.

Tamar Braxton and Vince Herbert (Twitter)

However, the Basketball Wives L.A. star is doing everything she can to reiterate that she is in fact, not involved with Vince in any sexual way, and is not carrying his child. First, Laura called The Breakfast Club to address the rumors, and she told the hosts that the rumors are "not true...not true."  

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She also clarified that she had no idea all these speculations were happening. Incidentally, Vince has also maintained that he has not gotten Laura pregnant. 

Tamar's post alleging Vince got a woman pregnant (Twitter)

"Come on, man, I don’t even know Vince like that," Laura said when they kept asking her if the rumors had no truth to them at all. She also clarified that she thinks Vince is a "great guy," but "so not my type." When pressed about who her "type" was Laura to got to answering and we are not so sure she should have. 

Laura Govan (Instagram)

So, what exactly is Laura's type? Well, a lot "lighter, whiter and nicer," than Vince, that's for sure. Possibly realizing, saying she only dates "whiter" men on the radio is not great PR, Laura went on to clarify that she was only joking and that she does not have a type anymore.  

"I don't have a type anymore. My type is compatibility and niceness," Laura said as an effort in disaster control. Angela Yee, however, did not let it go so easily. She told her co-hosts, "She's with the white guys now. She's tired of y'all." 

Laura Govan (Instagram)

When asked what Tamar meant by adding her and saying that her baby's daddy said she was effing around with him, "ain't that your homegirl?" Laura swears she has no idea. "I don't know," she said, adding, "I was just as surprised when I saw that stuff." 

Laura just wants everyone to know that none of this is true and she just wants to move on with her life, she told on The Breakfast Club. Then, she went on E! Online’s The Daily Pop to talk about it again. On the show she said that rumors about her pregnancy seem funny to her, but those about her being the side piece of Vince is no laughing matter to her.  

"At HQ Debunking All Falsities Clean Slate #2018 #InRealLife 💋" (Instagram)

“That part is laughable, but the rest isn’t,” said Laura. “You know at first it’s like, ‘Is this a joke?’ Because I literally woke up to something that is just not true and I was thinking, ‘I’ve worked so hard to get away from certain stigmas and all the drama from before. […] “It’s just [that] nothing is true and it’s so hard for me to not go in…”

"Sisters With Melanin& Great Convo #InRealLife #LoVeYa 💋#ENews" (Instagram)

Although she had denied having any idea as to why she was dragged into the drama during The Breakfast Club interview, on The Daily Pop she said she has an indication as to why she was brought. However, she refused to speak about it. “I have an idea why [I was brought up] but it’s something I can’t discuss litigation-wise,” said the reality star. 

Meanwhile, Tamar, who has singlehandedly "exposed" all of her ex's dirty little secrets and fought off haters on social media, has decided to take a break from everything. She deleted her Instagram account after the major family drama that happened over the holidays.    

Vince and Tamar, who got divorced in October of 2017, reportedly celebrated New Year's Eve together. There were also spotted together with their 4-year-old son Logan at Los Angeles International Airport on Tuesday, January 2. Despite all the bickering and fighting Tamar and Vince have been putting their son as a top priority.   

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