Forget the Kardashians and Jenners, here's how to be fit like Audrey Hepburn!

Audrey Hepburn was every designer's favorite muse and perhaps that's because she added her own vivacity to elaborately detailed gowns, complemented them with stunning hairstyles, and accentuated every stitch with her jealousy-inducing figure.

The actress weighed 110 pounds throughout her life and many wondered if she suffered from an eating disorder. But according to her family, the secret to her slim figure wasn't an eating disorder; she was blessed with a hyperactive metabolism.

The Breakfast at Tiffany star never stopped herself from eating what she liked. Pasta, chocolates and a glass of scotch were her favorites and these were consumed almost every day.

For lunch, the actress would eat chicken or veal or pasta with lots of veggies from her garden. Her dinner included soup with chicken, more vegetables, baking chocolate and a finger or two of scotch, revealed her partner, Robert Wolders, who was with her from 1980 until she died in 1993.


Wolders, like the rest of the world, was amazed at how fit she really was. He recalled that she could outwalk him whenever they ventured out for a stroll. But none of this seemed like a tedious routine for her. "She was not excessive. She never said, 'I have to do five miles today'," People quoted him as saying.


Although Hepburn rarely stopped herself from indulging in food and other luxuries life had to offer, this wasn't always the case. As a six-year-old child in the Netherlands under Nazi occupation, she nearly starved to death. Her son Luca Dotti said she ate tulip bulbs and nettles. "She had jaundice and edema. She suffered from anemia the rest of her life, possibly as a consequence," her son said.


During World War II, Hepburn weighed 88 pounds and was severely malnourished when the Nazis occupied the Netherlands and cut off their food supplies. On her 16th birthday, the country was liberated by Canadian troops.

She would later say that she danced, whooped and hollered with joy. "The incredible relief of being free. It's something that's very hard to verbalize. Freedom is more like something in the air. For me, it was hearing soldiers speaking English instead of German...," she said.

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