25 stunning actors who were transformed by beards

There is no doubt that beards all the rage and what makes beards even more amazing is the fact that a recent study proved that they are really good for your health. But let's not forget that beards can completely change the look of a person and sometimes, make them unrecognizable. 

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Our Hollywood celebrities are the perfect example as many of them decided to venture into "beardhood". From Ryan Reynolds to Brad Pitt, these celebrities showed us how beards can make all the difference! If you don't believe us, have a look. Here are 25 celebrities who showed that a beard is what every man needs.

#25 Tom Hardy 

Tom Hardy has not only taken over Hollywood with movies like Mad Max Fury Road and Dunkirk, but has proved to be a perfect example of how beards make everything better. 

#24 Henry Cavill 

This Superman can definitely is unrecognizable with his beard, but let us not forget how handsome it makes him look! 

#23 Kit Harington 

We all can agree that Game Of Thrones wouldn't have been this good if Kit Harrington had a clean-shaven face. Let's just thank the stars for his this look.

#22 Kristofer Hivju 

Another Game Of Thrones actor who proves that beards have the magical power of doing wonders to one's face. 

#21 Sean Bean 

There is no doubt that Sean Bean has aged perfectly and his beard acts as a weapon against age because he sure does not look 58! 

#20 Leonardo DiCaprio 

The Revenant star has won millions of hearts with his acting and we can say that his look with a beard is what makes everyone more crazy about him. 

#19 Chris Evans 

We have all seen the Captain America look, and as much as that has stolen our hearts, we still would love to see Chris with a beard because that makes him more desirable.

#18 Robert Downey Jr 

Robert Downey Jr knows how to rock his age. With a style like no other and that beard, the actor is definitely winning our hearts.

#17 Viggo Mortensen 

The Lord of the Rings actor has made many heads turn. We think it is right to say he looks better with a beard for sure!

#16 Orlando Bloom 

There is no doubt that Orlando looks amazing with his beard and we think it should be his everyday look!

#15 Johny Depp 

Let's just accept that the beard defines Depp and we would hate it if he decides to shave it off.

#14 Hugh Jackman 

Our Wolverine knows how to look his best and let's not forget how smart that beard makes him look! 

#13 Ewan Mcgregor 

Known for his role in the Trainspotting films as well as Star Wars, Ewan has left his mark on the industry for his work and let's not forget, his amazing looks.

#12 Justin Timberlake 

The singer definitely knows a thing or two about style right from his dressing sense to that beard, everything is just perfect!

#11 Christian Bale 

With that beard, it would be hard for anyone to recognize Christian, but that does not change the fact that the bearded look suits him. 

#10 Nick Offerman 

Nick is one of those people who has always tried new looks and we have come to the conclusion that it is the beard that makes him look younger and better. 

#9 Jake Gyllenhaal 

Would you have picked the guy on the right or left? As hard as that question is, the truth remains that he looks better with a beard. 

#8 Mads Mikkelson 

We all think Hannibal star Mads Mikkelson looks amazing with the beard. Let's not forget it also is a great escape from the serious look that Mikkelson usually has. 

#7 Tom Hiddleston 

Tom has already stolen many hearts with his looks and he just makes it impossible to not like him with that bearded look.

#6 Chris Hemsworth 

Don't you think Chris with a beard is a lot sexier than Chris without a beard? At least, we think so!

#5 Benedict Cumberbatch 

Cumberbatch knows how to handle a well-maintained beard and we think everyone should learn from Doctor Strange.

#4 Ryan Reynolds 

We just have one question: How can someone look that good with a beard?  

#3 Ryan Gosling 

Hey girl! Ryan has enough charm to make anyone fall for him and with that beard, it is hard not to. 

#2 Brad Pitt 

Brad Pitt just makes our heart skip a beat and that look just leaves us speechless.

#1 David Beckham 

David for sure defines hotness and we would not want to live in a world where he decides to shave his beard off because that is what makes him way more desirable. 

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