Mac Miller had a will in place five years before his death, and he has left his entire estate to his parents

Mac Miller, who died on September 7 following a reported drug overdose at the age of 26, had reportedly set up a trust in 2013 and had also executed a will at the time

Rapper Mac Miller passsed away in a tragic and unexpected way but it has now been revealed that he had a will in place. According to a probate that had been filed in the court, Miller had set up a trust in 2013 and had also executed a will at the time. In the will, he has named his parents as the trustees and charged lawyer David Byrnes to serve as the administrator of his estate. The document also states that Miller does not have a spouse or any children.

It has been reported that there could be more people who the late rapper has named as beneficiaries in the trust but, from what the documents show, it looks like he has entrusted majority of his estate to his parents, Karen Meyer and Mark McCormick.

The Blast reported that the document named his brother Miller McCormick as the administrator in case the lawyer does not fulfil all his obligations. His brother has also been named as a trustee in the 2013 trust.  

The late rapper named his parents as the primary beneficiaries of the trust he set up in 2013 (Source: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)

Mac Miller was reportedly dead hours before his body was discovered in his Los Angeles bedroom and paramedics were called, TMZ said in a report. Miller was found unresponsive at his California home on September 7 following a reported drug overdose at the age of 26.

According to the report, there was a party at the Pittsburgh rapper's house the night before he was found dead, and now there is a spotlight on the events that occurred that party. Friends of the deceased rapper reportedly stayed at the house until the morning of Friday, September 7. Miller was found dead later in the afternoon. The police have confirmed that nobody has come forward claiming they saw Miller alive after Thursday night.

The report also adds that only a small amount of white powder was found when police searched the rapper's home. The house was possibly “swept clean” and no pill bottles or drug paraphernalia were found, TMZ reported. 

Miller’s battle with drug addiction and depression was well known and his lyrics usually delved on the themes. His 2014 mixtape 'Faces' was almost autobiographical on the subject of drug use, with several references to premature death in the lyrics.

The exact cause of Miller’s death is still unknown. Investigators performed the autopsy and released the body to the family but a cause will not be announced until the toxicology test results come back. That might take weeks or months, Los Angeles County coroner’s spokeswoman Sarah Ardalani said on September 10. 

Around a week after his death, ex-girlfriend Ariana Grande broke her silence and opened up about how much he meant to her. The 'No Tears Left to Cry' singer penned down a heartfelt tribute expressing her anger, sadness and deep regret because she couldn't get him to stop using drugs.