Melania worried about Trump's health as Mueller investigation puts president under 'immense stress'

Melania became 'concerned' about how her husband Donald Trump is dealing with the stress from the investigation after Michael Cohen was sentenced for three years

Melania Trump is worried and the double-digit drop in her favorability rating is not the reason behind it. It has been revealed that the current First Lady of the United States is worried sick about all the stress her husband President Donald Trump is under from the ongoing Mueller investigation. Luckily for the POTUS though, Melania still 'believes' in him, as sources close to the couple would have us believe.

Speaking exclusively to Hollywood Life, sources revealed that ever since Michael Cohen was sentenced for three years, Melania herself has become “concerned” about how her husband Donald Trump is still undergoing the pressures of the continuing Russian investigation. “Melania is concerned about the effect all these investigations are having on Donald’s health, but she isn’t concerned about the outcome of any investigations,” the source spilled to the outlet exclusively. “Melania believes her husband’s claim that he’s being subjected to a ‘witch hunt’ and that there’s no truth to the allegations against him.”

U.S. President Donald Trump (L) and first lady Melania Trump (R) participate in a turkey pardoning event at the Rose Garden of the White House November 20, 2018 in Washington, DC. The two turkeys, Peas and Carrots, will spend the rest of their lives in a farm after the annual Thanksgiving presidential tradition today.

At the same time, Melania has also noticed that her husband is more stressed than usual. “Donald is still under immense stress right now though,” our source added. “He feels like he’s being attacked from all sides and that his enemies will stop at nothing to bring him down. And Melania can’t help worrying about how his body is dealing with all that stress, which keeps growing by the day.”

Melania, who was recently on the news for stating what a great “chemistry" she and Donald have, is trying to support him her best amid the ever-growing pressures of the ongoing investigation. "Melania is doing what she does best in these kinds of situations,” the source also happened to add. “She’s being Donald’s rock and a soothing voice of calm and reason. She’s there for him 100 percent.”

U.S. President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump hold hands as they leave the White House October 15, 2018 in Washington, DC. The Trumps are traveling to survey damage from Hurricane Michael, the most powerful storm ever recorded to strike the Florida panhandle.

That seems ideal, but not everything is ideal when it comes to Melania's popularity amongst the public as of now. As shocking as it might sound, the first lady's favorability rating has apparently fallen drastically — by double digits, in fact!

A new CNN poll released Thursday revealed that the first lady's favourability has fallen by 11 points in just a couple of months in the recent past from 54 percent in October down to 43 percent.

As CNN's Kate Bennett noted, "The 11-point drop is notable for Melania, who, for most of 2018, has maintained positive polling numbers, staying in the high-40s to high-50s. However, unlike the numbers of her husband, who has steadily maintained a favorable rating of about 40 percent, public opinion of the first lady has varied."

As per the revelations made by the survey, the biggest drop for Melania — which is down 17 percentage points — is among liberals and white college graduates. One of the possible factors that could explain these latest results are Melania's increased public appearances. According to Bennett, "In recent weeks, Melania has been more visible, often appearing side-by-side with the president at events, as well as accompanying him during travel to Argentina for the G20 Summit. The first lady has also been more vocal about policy issues, making longer, more detailed speeches on the opioid epidemic."