Cheryl shocks fans as she 'licks her hand' yet again while performing in bizarre boots on TV show

35-year-old singer Cheryl appeared on Michael McIntyre's Big Show and left fans questioning her strange dance moves on Saturday

Cheryl's performances are just not sitting well with people and her latest performance raised many eyebrows as she licked herself yet again while performing on stage. 

The 35-year-old singer appeared on Michael McIntyre's Big Show and left fans questioning her strange dance moves on Saturday. Cheryl gave her performance everything after which viewers witnessed her tear up in a new trailer for BBC One Series 'The Greatest Dancer'. Cheryl had first performed the track 'Love Made Me Do It' in November on the X Factor which was looked at like her comeback record. 

However, midway through the performance, Cheryl decided to lick her hand which was not received well by fans and followers. It looks the same dance move has shocked fans once again as the 'Girls Aloud' singer chose to do the move again. Fans and followers took to social media to share their opinions on the performance.

One user wrote, "Why does Cheryl have to lick her hand? Like really?" Another user posted a GIF of a child looking very confused and wrote alongside, "How me and my other half looked at each other when Cheryl randomly licked her hand." Another user found the situation humorous and added, "Cheryl's got a bit of leftover marmite on her hand again I see."

Cheryl licking her hand during the performance (Source: YouTube)

Cheryl was seen sporting a fishnet body suit along with a black mini skirt and puffed sleeves. She also sported a pair of attention-grabbing bizarre boots which was also not received well by her fans and followers. The grey boots she wore featured a layered, puffed pattern which covered almost her entire legs. 

One fan wrote, "Sack the stylist Cheryl. Those boots make you look as though you have Elephants in your legs," while another said jokingly, "Cheryl looking like Mr. Tumnus from Narnia in those boots." A third fan commented, "Are you sure the boots are big enough Cheryl?"

Once the performance had aired, Cheryl released a statement in response to all the jibes taken at her and wrote, "This level of relentless abuse should not be tolerated in any walk of life. What’s even more surprising to me is that some of these people are the first to write that we should be being more socially aware and conscious of online bullying and mental health awareness. Is this any different?"