Catherine Zeta-Jones shares touching tribute to father-in-law Kirk Douglas on his 102nd birthday

Kirk was seen looking chirpy as he greeted well-wishers outside his Beverly Hills mansion, which was decked up with a flower arrangement of white roses spelling out his age

Screen legend Kirk Douglas celebrated his 102nd birthday on Sunday, and was seen along with his 99-year-old wife Anne greeting well-wishers outside his Beverly Hills home. 

Douglas was seen looking chirpy and happy with his beautiful mansion all decked up with a flower arrangement of white roses spelling out his age. Ever since suffering from a stroke, Kirk has been forced to use a wheelchair but was seen on his birthday sitting alongside and holding the hand of his wife 64 years. 

Anne Douglas and Kirk Douglas (Source: Getty Images)

Kirk and Anne, who is his second wife, have been married since 1954 and have two sons together- Peter and Eric. Unfortunately, Eric passed away in the year 2004 at the young age of 46 due to an accidental overdose. 

Anne could be seen looking very proud of her husband and she sported a comfortable pink color two-piece along with some jewelry. Kirk, on the other hand, was seen sporting a black fleece and a pair of dark-colored trousers.

Catherina Zeta-Jones, married to his son Michael, also paid tribute to him and called him the "most beautiful man." She also shared a video clip of Kirk and captioned it, "Happy 102nd Birthday to the most beautiful man. We love you Kirk."

His grandson Cameron Douglas, Michael's son from his first marriage to Diandra Douglas, also paid tribute to him.

He shared a picture of the pair together and captioned it, "Happy Birthday to a gentleman's gentleman, with a true heart of gold."

Douglas came from very little and had a humble beginning. He was born to Jewish immigrants in Amsterdam, NY in 1916 and had to do several odd jobs such as selling snacks and being a paperboy to help his family survive.

At an early age, he developed a love and passion for acting and was offered a scholarship to study at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. He had his first feature film debut in the year 1946 in 'The Strange Love of Martha Ivers'. He also teamed up with Burt Lancaster for his next film which was titled 'I Walk Alone' and then worked with Burt on screen, a total of 8 times.