This is what science says about your fingerprints and your personality

Dermatoglyphics is the scientific study of fingerprints and is extensively used by forensic experts in creating unique personality profiles. The science has been evolving for over fifty years now and it has become extremely precise with time. Here, we have a list of 3 major fingerprint types and their variations which describe what kind of personality is associated with your individual fingerprints. But first, you need to take a look at your fingerprints and understand which one is yours. 

1) Loops

If you have loops like these on your fingers then you belong to the broader personality type called 'sanguine'. What it means is that you are the kind of person who is usually calm and have a balanced personality. You are the kind of person who is warm and welcoming which helps you make friends easily. People are attracted towards you because you are accessible and friendly. The one thing you can't stand is work which is boring as you always need something to challenge your thoughts.

1a) Ulnar Loop

Ulnar loops are a variation of loops and the shape appears like a waterfall flowing towards the little finger with triangular points. If you have ulnar loops then you are the kind of person who is gentle and addicted to your schedule. Your observation capabilities are commendable but the thing that defines you best is your easy going attitude. You live in the moment and it makes you charmingly spontaneous.

1b) Radial Loop

Radial loops are another variation of loops but opposite to Ulnar, the flow is directed towards the thumbs. It means that you are the sort of person who can be fiercely independent and have a wit to boot. You are usually the one who goes against the flow in a direction of your choosing and your ability to question things make you inquisitive as well as knowledgeable.

2) Curves (Arches)

If you have arches like these on your fingers then you belong to the broader personality type called 'choleric'. People with this pattern have been observed to be quite confident and energetic. If this is your pattern then chances are that you border on stubbornness and you stick to your point zealously unless you find convincing evidence otherwise. The one thing that makes you different, however, is your extraordinary loyalty. You'd rather suffer than betray those who trust you.

2a) Simple Arch

A simple arch, a variation of the arch, show hill-shaped lines and there are usually no triangles formed. If this is your type then you are more on the introvert side of your personality. Slightly shy, it takes some time before you open up to someone. This makes you a cautious person and someone who keeps their feelings closely guarded. Your hurt and your fears are your own and no one else's.

2b) Tented Arch

As the name suggests, this variation of arches forms triangular shapes like a tent. If this is your pattern then you can show extremes of personalities. You can be really open at times and cold and closed at others. You aren't afraid of challenges and your unpredictability makes you difficult to read. People rarely know what you are thinking and this makes your personality quite intriguing.

3) Swirls (Whorls)

If you have whorls like these on your fingers then you belong to the broader personality type called 'phlegmatic'. People with this pattern are known to be short-tempered and may have temperamental problems but, on the other hand, this makes them open-hearted and not the kind who holds grudges. Whatever you have in your heart is out in the open and you are not the one to speak behind someone's back. The best thing about this personality type is their ability to grasp things quite easily, no matter how complex they may get.

3a) Concentric Whorl

Concentric whorls are defined by circles which expand as one moves away from the center of the finger to the edges. The lines which lie on the edges tend to form a complete circle. This is a personality type which is exactly like the shape. If this is your type then you are somewhat self-centered, competitive but driven. You hate being controlled and you rebel against authority. 'My way or the highway' is what makes you, you.

3b) Spiral Whorl

This pattern is defined by a spiral pattern emerging from the center of the finger and widening as one moves outwards. It also has two triangular parts at the edges of the finger. If this is your pattern then you are one of the few people who are self-motivated. You have your goals and you have your ways. You don't need expert advice on life, you have your thing figured by yourself. This is what drives your personality and makes you, you.

3c) Press Whorl

This pattern is defined by the slight elongation of the whorls in the center of the finger. If this is your pattern then you are someone who is driven by a dream. Your ambitions are your weakness and if there's one thing you can't handle is mediocrity. Meant to excel yourself, you expect the same from those around you. And that's why you push people to give their best.

3d) Imploding Whorl

This pattern is defined by a Tai Chi-like design at the center of your finger which is then surrounded by outside circles. If this is your pattern then you are the sort of person who is good at multi-tasking. You have high levels of concentration and you can mentally manage a number of things at times. Friendly by nature, you are also close to being an empath, and very good with your emotions.

3e) Composite Whorl

This pattern is very similar to the ones above but with the center being slightly on the side. If this is your pattern then you have a personality which is highly adaptable. You can mold yourself into any situation and bring out your best, no matter what. You make decisions based on understanding and you generally don't stereotype. The one thing that makes you an incredible person is your accepting nature which makes others open up to you and love you in turn.

3f) Peacock’s Eye

The close resemblance with a peacock's eye gave this pattern its name. The center may have a circle or a spiral with their ends connected by a straight line. If this is your pattern then you lie on the creative side of personality. You are good at communicating what you wish to say and you are good at understanding others. A musician, painter or a writer would be the ideal profession for your personality.

4) Variant Patterns

These variant patterns do not conform to a particular shape. They are a mix blend of loops, whorls, and arches. People with this pattern, as if designed by nature, are prone to become non-conformists. If this is your pattern then you are one of the few people who are their own masters. You are the one to lead and following isn't really your style. You are expressive and this may get misinterpreted as arrogance at times but that is not what would bother you. The one thing you hate is subservience as you don't answer to anyone when it comes to your choices.

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