American Idol runner-up Caleb Hutchinson reveals how he was able to lose around 60 pounds by the end of the show

The American Idol runner-up is proud of what he has achieved when it comes to losing weight. He says it has helped him develop into a man and he feels proud of his journey so far.

                            American Idol runner-up Caleb Hutchinson reveals how he was able to lose around 60 pounds by the end of the show
Caleb Hutchinson (Source:Getty Images)

American Idol runner-up Caleb Hutchinson is a winner no matter what. The 19-year-old country singer has been through a lot in the last couple of years. Apart from winning America's hearts on the singing competition show, American Idol, Hutchinson has been able to lose over 60 pounds. 

Caleb Hutchinson opened up about his experience on 'Good Morning America' about his weight loss journey. "I was just kind of being a young man and getting through a time in my life where I had to figure out a lot of things like what I would do with my life after high school," he shared. 

"I had a lot of things in my life I was unhappy about and so I dealt with all those things and the weight was kind of an accident that just happened to be part of it," he continued. 

Hutchinson revealed that he had managed to lose a significant amount of weight by the time he made his debut on the American Idol platform and how he managed to accomplish it. "Before I went to Idol I lost, like, 40 pounds. I was on the journey when I got there. It was just simple stuff like cutting fried foods and drinking water and working out three hours a day," he shared. 

As reported by ET, Hutchinson also shared in a taping that losing that amount of weight was something that he was extremely proud of. "You know, it's a journey, it's not an overnight thing. And throughout my life it's gonna be something I deal with," he said at the time. 

"Just in this past year of my life I've really tackled a lot of things that I put off, and I feel like I'm becoming a man I can be proud of and like I've been prepared for this moment that I'm in," he continued. 

Caleb also shared his weight loss and progress of his drastic transformation from the beginning of the season to the very end in an Instagram post. He uploaded the post with the caption, "Swipe to see me shrink..."

During the interview with 'Good Morning America,' he also opened up about falling for his fellow competitor and now girlfriend, Maddie Poppe. He revealed, "I saw her and instantly knew I was into her." Maddie went on to win the season of American Idol and Caleb could not be happier for her. 

Hutchinson shared with ET why he had chosen to keep their budding relationship under wraps and keep it on the down low. "It was one of those things where I didn’t want it to affect anything. I didn’t want to exploit my feelings for her ‘cause they’re very, very real. Once voting was over, I was like, ‘Shoot, I want the world to know," he said.