A couple who were arrested last year, after bringing their toddler with them into a local Indianapolis bar, where the mother was accused of smoking, drinking and even breastfeeding the child outside the establishment, were acquitted of all charges on 23rd February, according to their attorney. 

According to AL.com, the couple Michael Trosclair, 45, and Shari Tremba, 42, were on trial for charges of public intoxication and neglect of a dependent in a situation that endangers the dependent, after the June 16th, 2017 incident that took place at the Wild Beaver Saloon in Indianapolis.

Several patrons at the bar reportedly told police that they had witnessed Tremba drinking beer, smoking cigarettes and breastfeeding her 7-month-old daughter all at the same time, according to a probable cause affidavit.

The couple's seven-month-old daughter. (Facebook/Shari Tremba)

More witnesses came forward, and one of them reportedly told police that Tremba at one point had even chained the stroller, which had the baby inside, to a chain outside the saloon and went inside to buy a drink, leaving the infant unattended.

While Trosclair, a former senior pastor at a Theodore church, currently works as a financial planner, Tremba is a life coach and both live in Mobile.

Following their acquittal that lasted a total of 20 minutes, Tremba released a statement alongside a picture of her husband and attorney Marc Lopez, on Facebook that read: "After 263 days of silence and public shame, we are grateful for the verdict of Not Guilty. This verdict contributes to our continued healing from the loss and emotional pain caused by this incident. We now look forward to expressing the true story of who we are and what happened."

On the night of June 16th, 2017

According to the three-page probable cause affidavit, obtained by AL.com last year, the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department officers were dispatched to the saloon at 12:38 a.m. that Friday, acting on a report of a middle-aged woman who was seen requesting customers for beer. Later, she was also spotted breastfeeding an infant while drinking outside the bar. According to Sgt.Ty Van Wagner, he arrived to find Tremba outside of a roped-off area, holding a cup and standing adjacent to a stroller.

The couple was accompanied by their child's caretakers while they chose to meet other attendees of the convention in the bar. (Google Maps/Ben Weller)

Sgt. Wagner questioned Tremba about the baby's identity, to which she said the baby was hers. According to the affidavit, Tremba reeked of an unidentified alcoholic beverage and that she had to be asked several times about her identity. Officers then told Tremba that they were going to have the baby checked out by medics, and also called Child Protective Services with a child abuse investigator to the scene.

Later, Trosclair, who appeared 'belligerent' at the scene while walking tipsy towards the officers, began demanding a lawyer on the ground as the officers did not have permission to have the infant examined.

Shari Tremba was spotted by several patrons drinking and smoking at the bar with her infant daughter in tow. (Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department/Facebook)

"It was at this time, due to Mr. Trosclair's behavior, I put him in cuffs for fear he may fight us with the baby right there," another detective Nicolle Flynn further wrote. Later, the toddler's examination report revealed no signs of intoxication.

Lopez, in a press release, said his clients were in Indianapolis for a financial convention and were accompanied by two caretakers who were responsible for taking care of their 7-month-old daughter while the couple was mingling with other convention participants.

(Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department/Facebook)

According to Lopez, the group of attendees had dinner and had taken part in all the convention activities, which included a brief walking tour of Indianapolis. While walking past the downtown bar, Trosclair was told about a business partner inside the bar, who then went inside to say hello. The 7-month-old child was outside the bar with Tremba and the two other adult caretakers.

While the judgment spells relief for the couple, the common occurrences of such incidents across the country are telling of the imminent dangers parents are exposing their children too that can gravely affect not just their health but their relationship with their parents too.

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