Akon says US government rejected his proposal to restore electricity to hurricane-hit Puerto Rico

Akon said that he could have restored electricity to Puerto Rico within 30 days of Hurricane Maria hitting the island, but the government rejected his proposal.

                            Akon says US government rejected his proposal to restore electricity to hurricane-hit Puerto Rico

Akon was recently interviewed by TMZ, and he talked about the disaster relief efforts for Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria hit, and he claimed that his proposal to restore electricity to the island would have sorted power problems out by now if the US government hadn't blocked it.

The interviewer asked him, "I've been reading about the success of your bringing solar power to 14 different countries in Africa. I think our president could use a couple of pointers on how to turn the lights back on in Puerto Rico. You got any tips for him?"

Akon, Getty
Akon performs at Coachella in Indio, California. (Getty Images)

Akon replied, "Well, we actually presented a program for Puerto Rico, and we got rejected."

When asked if he was suprised by that, Akon said, "We had the solution for Puerto Rico, clearly. We would have had power up in less than 30 days. And they rejected us." Akon launched a project in 2014 called Akon Lighting Africa that aimed to transform Africa through solar power.

Since its inception, the project has managed to provide electricity in 14 countries in Africa, while providing jobs to 5,000 people, who are responsable for the installation and maintenance of solar equipment.

The success of his venture indicates that he would have been an ideal candidate for the reelectrification of Puerto Rico. Akon blamed the decision to reject his proposal on "politics, propaganda, and special interests."


President Donald Trump, Getty
US President Donald Trump's administration rejected Akon's plan to electrify Puerto Rico. (Getty Images)

He said about the government, "They didn't care about the people. If that was the case, they would have allowed us to go in and just, you know, provide the solution."

He added, "But I think it was bigger than numbers at that point."

The interviewer then asked the singer what he thought about President Trump's comment on Haiti and certain countries in Africa being "s**thole" countries, and he replied, "He's the kind of person you can't really answer for... But I know the average person, you know, is baffled by a lot of those comments."

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