Actress in horror flick charged with shooting her uncle dead day after wrapping up film with scene similar to the real-life killing

During the time she worked in the horror flick in March 2018, she was out on bail. The actress had also recorded herself during the actual shooting.

                            Actress in horror flick charged with shooting her uncle dead day after wrapping up film with scene similar to the real-life killing
(Source : Police Department)

A horror movie on-screen shooter turned out to be an actual shooter, after the crew of indie horror flick 'From the Dark' found out that its actress was actually a wanted person for manslaughter. Aisling Tucker Moore-Reed used the stage name Wyn Reed to get cast in the movie, said Siskiyou Productions on their IndieGoGo page and that they had no idea that she was charged with manslaughter.  

Moore-Reed had been involved in the shooting of her uncle Shane Moore in 2016 in Medford, Oregan. According to the Mail Tribune, that is where the "rural murder mystery thriller" was shot. During the time she worked in the horror flick in March 2018, she was out on bail. Moore-Reed also recorded herself during the shooting. After this recording was found, charges were upgraded to murder.

Filming began in 2018 and five months later, the day after filming wrapped, Moore-Reed was charged with murder. Moore-Reed’s mom, Kelly Moore, is a former California lawyer who once represented Playmate Anna Nicole Smith. Moore told the Washington Post that Reed shot her uncle in self-defense.

"After principal photography finished, it came to our attention that one of our performers in the film had been charged with manslaughter two years prior. Unfortunately, being a small micro-budget film company, we didn't perform background checks on our hires. Lesson learned," the production house said in the statement.

Moore-Reed plays Valerie Faust in the film, which follows "Valerie's last day of work and the going-away party at her cabin that evening. Her friends and coworkers come by, as well as a few new faces that set the night's events off onto a path that no one saw coming. When people start turning up missing -- or worse -- it's up to Valerie and her friends to determine who they can trust and figure out a way to either escape the isolated mountains or at least survive until help can arrive." 

The 30-year-old actress pleaded not guilty to the charges. According to a KOBI report, the family had been embroiled in a bitter property ownership battle over a home that belonged to Shane Moore's mother in Jackson County in Oregan. Moore-Reed shot him in the chest while he was at their front door and he bled to death, according to reports. She is also reportedly said to have had a restraining order against Shane, who was allegedly a violent drug user.

The producers said in their statement that when the reality came forward, they didn't know what to do so continued shooting. "When it did come to our attention, we didn’t know what to do, so we simply continued post-production and hoped for the best. We certainly don’t want to jump to conclusions as the trial has not yet begun, and until the trial is over, she is innocent until proven guilty. We don’t want to harm her, her case, or our reputations as filmmakers over something we honestly did not know," they said.

Det. Tony Young, Medford Police Dept in a hearing said that it seemed to be an intentional shooting. "[She] moved to the front door and fired was less than ten seconds,” said Det. Young said, reported KOBI. However, her defense team has argued that there wasn't enough evidence to support the prosecution's argument.

In the recording on Moore-Reed's cellphone, she sounds angry that Shane wasn't dead. In the video recording, she is heard screaming after she spots her uncle at the door, "He’s coming into the house goddammit. Get out!" Then, shots can be heard firing and her mother says that Shane was still alive. "He’s not dead?” Reed asks her mother, then shouts, “F---!” Jackson County Circuit Judge Lisa Greif said that it was the profanity at the end that nailed the case for her. "She was angry that he wasn’t dead,” said Judge Greif. “So for me, that really nailed down the evidence for me," she said.

Reed is being held at the Jackson County Jail without bail and with a murder trial date set for December. 

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