The allegations of sexual assaults made against film tycoon Harvey Weinstein have disrupted a lot of things, including the life and possible future career of his wife, Georgina Chapman.

The scandal and allegations have put her in a very difficult position and it is likely that her designer label, known popularly as Marchesa, may just fall off the face of the red carpet. 

Georgina's career and success are closely linked to her husband and his success. Many stars of Weinstein productions such as Renée Zellweger, Cate Blanchett, and Blake Lively have all worn her creations on the red carpet and rumor has it that Weinstein himself pushed and encouraged the stars to wear the designs from Marchesa collection.

Blake Lively in Marchesa (Source: Pinterest)

With the number of allegations against Weinstein, many are wondering whether it will cost Georgina her career.

Many celebrities and stars would not want to be associated with the brand for the simple reason that it belongs to the wife of someone who has been accused of inappropriate behavior and serious misconduct. 

In the words of an anonymous New York fashion publicist who spoke to the Hollywood Reporter, "No star is ever going to want to wear the brand again."

This comes as an aftermath of Weinstein being kicked out of the company he co-founded. People magazine reported that Chapman is pretty mad, but not really at Harvey but the impact the scandal will have on her brand. 

Georgina Chapman (Source: Pinterest)

In the year 2007, New York Magazine's Daily Intelligencer blog had mentioned, "Marchesa designer Georgina Chapman has declared that she wants everyone to be wearing her frocks to the Emmys this year. Don’t worry, GC: We’re sure Harvey Weinstein will make sure anyone with even the most remote silver-screen aspirations won’t have any other choice."

(Source: Pinterest)

Georgina founded Marchesa with Keren Craig in the year 2004, the same year when she started dating Weinstein.

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