The Oscars are just around the corner and the 2018 Oscars are all set to air on March 4. The Oscars mean prestigious awards and nominations and it also means a crazy after-party! These are 12 ways that you can throw the perfect Oscars-theme party: 

#12 Speech-up

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One of the best parts about the Oscars are the speeches which come after a person has won an award. While you are listening to the speeches on screen, you and your guests can hold that bottle of beer and give an impressive speech. Remember, a good speech can make a great impression! 

#11 An extravagant after-party 

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The best part about throwing the perfect Oscar party lies in the scale and level of an after-party. When the results have been announced and the ceremony is over, it is all about celebrating those results whether you agreed with it or not. A great after-party will put you on the social map of the century, so go all out, or go home! 

#10 Make sure your desserts are on-point

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The desserts that you serve at the party should also be fitting in with the rest of your theme and this is the one course in which you cannot afford to have any errors. Desserts are the perfect ending to a good evening, and you definitely want your last impression to be your best.

#9 A flavored popcorn machine 

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It's the movies and you must have a popcorn machine. You can make things a lot more interesting by also having a whole bunch of sauces and powders to make that popcorn shine. People love to have things to munch on while watching films, and popcorn serves exactly that purpose. Don't be boring and stick to classic salted! 

#8 Back-up plans for the less entertaining parts of the Oscars

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There could be parts of the ceremony which are less entertaining than others and you will be able to sense the excitement in the room dying down. For situations and times like these, it is important to have a backup plan to keep your guests entertained and the party going strong. Whether you have performances, speeches, more snacks, more alcohol, you should have a plan B ready. 

#7 Play your version of Oscars and statuettes


Just head down to your local party/entertainment store and buy a whole bunch of mini Oscar replicas. You could get creative and come up with a bunch of awards to hand out to your guests in the form of these mini-Oscars which will give your Oscar party a memorable touch. It is highly likely that your guests will keep the replicas on the mantlepiece for at least sometime before the interest dies down. 

#6 Good snacks and accompaniments

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The entire and actual show of the Oscars can be very long as last year's event lasted for more than three hours. This did not even include the red carpet time. So having tasty and delicious snacks will keep people from getting bored as they wait for the event to progress. Snacks and appetizers are crucial to a good party so sample everything you want to serve beforehand. 

#5 Your very own red carpet

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You can set up your personal red carpet and have your guests make their 'red carpet debut' as they walk up to the party venue. You can even hire a personal photographer to click pictures of your beautifully dressed guests. Make sure you document the event just as the celebrities do and hold on to the memories forever.

#4 Decor and details

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This is one area where you must definitely outdo yourself and not hold back. The decor and details that go into such a party are very important and should be considered and thought out carefully. If you are not good at thinking of new ideas, then you could always surf the web or magazines for inspiration but make sure you give yourself enough time for this. 

#3 Over-flowing champagne 

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Piper-Heidsieck is all set to be this year's official Academy Awards champagne so of course, this is the bubbly you should be serving at your very own party. Wine magazine has reported that Piper-Heidsieck is all set to be serving about 12,000 glasses of champagne at the prestigious event. Sure, you won't need 12,000 glasses at your party, but make sure you don't run out. The champagne sells at $50 along with the ice jacket. 

#2 The typical who's going to win bets and more...

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Everyone likes to play the role of a soothsayer and hopes to make predictions regarding who will win what award. You can draw up little surveys and games and have people place bets on who is going to walk away with an Oscar. These games always energize the crowd and get everyone pumped up for the results of the Oscars. 

#1 Dress to impress, because, duh! 

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The most important part about throwing the perfect Oscar party is dressing up and certainly dressing to impress. What else are you saving all your good clothes for, if not to wear it to fancy and themed parties? Just have fun with it and you are allowed to be completely over the top for these sorts of parties.

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