Aaron Carter talks about his ex and "Riverdale" actress Madelaine Petsch being the inspiration for new music

Aaron Carter opens about his less known relationship with Madelaine Petsch and says she has been his source of inspiration.

                            Aaron Carter talks about his ex and "Riverdale" actress Madelaine Petsch being the inspiration for new music

Very few might know about Aaron Carter and Riverdale star Madelaine Petsch's relationship, but now the singer has come forward and spoken about how their relationship has now become a source of inspiration for his upcoming album. 

Aaron confessed she was the source of inspiration for his song (Twitter)

In a recent interview with ET, Aaron spilled all the details about the two when they dated back in 2014. It is surprising that even after all these years, Aaron still remembers everything about Madelaine. "She was working at the Republic of Pie. [I] saw her with her little red curls and I asked her out on a date.," he said. 

"I was very gentleman-like with her. We dated for five or six months, something like that, and then we stopped dating." The two bumped into each other at an airport in Seattle after their breakup and it is on that incident that the singer wrote his song Seattle Tide. 

Aaron confessed that he got a chance to make Madelaine hear the song "in person" and to his surprise, the actress was able to understand that the song was about their relationship the second she heard the lyrics. Even though she is currently dating Travis Mill, Aaron says that he couldn't have been happier for her. 

Aaron is happy for the success Madelaine has received in life (Twitter)

He also commented on his exceptional role in the Riverdale series and accepted that he hadn't seen the show but had heard a lot about it. "I have not been watching [Riverdale], but I heard it's doing great. I'm very happy for her," Aaron shared. "She's a very talented actress."

During the interview, the singer also opened up about other inspirations behind the songs that are going to be part of his upcoming new album Love. To begin with, his song Champion is a tribute to his late father, Robert, who died at 65 in May 2017. 

"It was so tough writing that song," Aaron confessed. "He was a professional boat racer, and he never lost a race, so I call the song 'Champion. When I was, like, four years old, I drowned in a swimming pool and I died, and he saved my life... I remember going through, like, this very vivid experience and seeing some sort of afterlife or something," he continued. "He was a very instrumental person in my life. He was a very good rock for me." 

After his father's death, Aaron said that "unfortunately" his family was not able to go back to how they were. "The dynamic of my family is like in its own category. It's very strange," he said while adding that his siblings' early success was also among the many reasons that tore the family apart. 

"Money coming in so fast and not growing up with money... I really saw the industry kind of tear apart my family, being in the news and stuff like that. Sometimes it's really sad to think about." 

Aaron's latest album releases on February 16.  

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