Time's Up campaigners storm the red carpet and form blockade at BAFTA Awards 2018

A group of protestors decided to scream their support for the Time's up movement and they did so by showing up during the red carpet ceremony of the BAFTA awards.

                            Time's Up campaigners storm the red carpet and form blockade at BAFTA Awards 2018

The Time's up movement and the Me Too movement has taken the Hollywood by storm and the same could be seen during the BAFTA awards that were held on Monday, February 19, at the Royal Albert Hall in London. The event saw a group of female protesters wearing 'Time's Up' t-shirts invading the red carpet ceremony of the award show.

A group of protestors stormed into the red carpet ceremony of the event (Twitter)

The women who were seen standing in solidarity were dressed in black in support of the "BAFTA blackout" and together they took over the event by chanting 'sisters, united, we'll never be defeated'. At the same time, their T-shirts spoke volume as each one of them had "Time's Up Theresa" written on them. 

The sole aim of their protest was to call against domestic violence and asking Prime Minister, Theresa May, to do more. In order to make a point, the protesters linked arms and lay on the red carpet. Later, they had to be ushered away by the security guard. 

According to Daily Mail, these protestors who hijacked the award ceremony are part of a group who calls themselves "Sisters Uncut". They describe themselves as a feminist group who try to take a direct action for domestic violence services. One of the protestors, Ana Kaur, told Daily Mail, "We are in solidarity with the Time’s Up campaign. We recognize that gender-based violence happens everywhere and that to disclose abuse requires support."

They all formed a blockade during the award (Twitter)

She added that it was a protest which was also directed towards the government, asking them to ensure that a change is taking place. "As well as calling Time’s Up on individual perpetrators, we have to call Time’s Up on our government for failing to provide us with real options and support," she continued. 

At the same time, in a statement, The sisters uncut also noted that their protest during the red carpet was directed towards Theresa May’s upcoming Domestic Violence and Abuse Bill, which according to them, criminalize survivors while distracting from devastating funding cuts to domestic violence services nationwide." 

They were also protesting Theresa May's domestic violence and abuse bill (Twitter)

"A group of activists from Sisters Uncut jumped onto the carpet as celebrities were arriving at the ceremony wearing t-shirts declaring “Time’s Up Theresa." While laying on the red carpet, they chanted "the DV Bill’s a cover-up, Theresa May your time is up," the statement continued. 

"In their highest-profile action to date, the group aim to add another voice to the global Time’s Up campaign against gender-based violence, by demanding that the government meet their obligations to support all survivors of domestic abuse. The Prime Minister has made clear that she intends the Bill, which is still under consultation in parliament, to bring in tougher sentences and “deliver more convictions” for domestic violence."

They concluded by saying, "Sisters Uncut say that these measures skirt the government’s responsibility to support all survivors of domestic violence, leaving them locked up in prison, locked out of refuges, and locked into violent relationships."

Many stars showed their support for the movement  by wearing black and the Time's up movement pin  (Photo by Jeff Spicer/Jeff Spicer/Getty Images)

During the event, there were several Hollywood stars who stood for the movement. Stars including Lily James and Angelina Jolie showed their support for the movement by wearing black and the 'Time's Up' movement pins. 

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