17-year-old girl finds true love in 44-year-old double divorcee whom she met online

Avalon Garvey was only 17 when she met Doug Traser, who is older than her dad, on an online messaging site

                            17-year-old girl finds true love in 44-year-old double divorcee whom she met online
Avalon met Doug on an online messaging site (Source: Getty Images)

A teenager has come forward with her stories of her sex life two years after she dumped her boyfriend for an older man who is older than her own father.

19-year-old Avalon Garvey, who was 17 when the relationship started, and who is from Bradford, West Yorkshire, was only in high school when she met 44-year-old Doug Traser.

The couple started talking on an online messaging website and they instantly felt a connection. They then decided to meet each other and a love story was born.

Garvey has come clean and said that Traser was immediately forthcoming with his age and he even told the teen about his wife and kids. He also told her that he was living in San Francisco which is more than 8,500 miles away from Bradford.

Nevertheless, after just a short few months the two of them were on extremely good terms with each other and Traser decided to fly to Leeds to meet his teenaged girlfriend.

Garvey told The Sun: "I knew I loved him as soon as I saw him." She also added that the two of them had sex that time as well.

She said: "I was 17. 16 was the age you could legally have sex, so it was completely legal." Garvey then goes on to describe her sex life and says: "When we are together it is extravagant, it is good. He knows what he is doing, I am happy."

Garvey told the publication that she was with a 17-year-old boy at that time but then decided to call it off because she could not see a future with the teenaged boy.

She said: "It was going down a rocky path. It was very difficult to tell them I wasn't seeing them anymore."

According to Garvey, she and Traser meet every month either with her flying to San Francisco or him going to meet her in Leeds.

The relationship is into it's second year now and Garvey is currently a first-year student at the University of York. She even told The Sun that Traser has gone out with her and her university friends one night when he was in Leeds.

She said: "They went on a night out, he was there and it wasn't awkward at all." The night with her friends was memorable but there have been occasions when Traser was mistaken for her father.

She said: "There was one time, we were in California, and I was giving a waitress a tip. She said 'Is that your dad?' But I don't care what people think. It's my relationship, it is not a random person's relationship."

"I get stares and I will rub it in their face and give him a cuddle. I am happy so why does it matter what anyone else thinks?"