75-year-old 'cat-napper' raises over $30,000 by cuddling with cats on couches

Terry Laurmen, a retired high school Spanish teacher, went viral with the photographs of him with the cats, and help raise more than $30,000

                            75-year-old 'cat-napper' raises over $30,000 by cuddling with cats on couches

Terry Laurmen definitely has one of the best jobs in the world. It involves taking long, relaxing naps with furry little kittens on comfortable couches.

The 75-year-old 'cat-napper' has been volunteering at his local cat shelter in Green Bay, Wisconsin, cuddling kittens and snoozing off in corners with the little furballs snuggled comfortably around him.

And thanks to some viral photos of his feline siestas on social media, he's been able to raise a lot of money for the cats, helping several of them find loving homes.

According to CNN, the Wisconsin Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary has raised more than $30,000 in just the last two days, thanks to a picture of Laurmen snoozing next to one of the kitties went viral. When the shelter first posted a picture of Laurmen dozing off next to his favorite cat, Louis, it took less than a day for the cat to be adopted. Since then, the staff snapped photos every time he dozed off. A few days ago, the shelter posted a gallery of his best nap pictures and the internet absolutely went gaga over it, proving yet again that cute cats are still the reigning overlords of the internet!

Check out the gallery below courtesy of the Wisconsin Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary Facebook page:


“Yesterday, when I told him he hit 400,000 views he said he hoped all those people would donate,” Feldhausen said to Upworthy Magazine. “I kept telling him, ‘Terry, you’re famous,’ and he would just do his modest laugh and go back to petting cats,” she added.

"People have been donating $1, $2 or $5 dollars," said Elizabeth Feldhausen, founder of the Wisconsin Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary in Green Bay, a facility that rehabilitates pets with special needs or physical problems. "[I]t's been so many people that they've made such a huge impact by doing something so small."

About six months ago, Laurmen, a retired high school Spanish teacher, walked in the shelter, brush in hand, and began grooming the cats. He was first attracted to the idea because of the shelter's "homely" environment.

“I’ve always liked cats,” Terry told Upworthy magazine. “And I didn’t have cats as an adult. But when I retired I decided to do something fun and this place emerged. I had been volunteering at other shelters, but this place is special because no cages and the cats can feel taken care of in a friendly environment.”

Terry's fame has left the sanctuary overwhelmed with calls for volunteers, Feldhausen says. While the facility's too small too accommodate everyone, there's no chance that anyone's going to take over for the shelter's number one grandpa! "He's going to be here forever!" Feldhausen said.