6-foot-9 Florida man punches armless, legless girlfriend and he wanted her to tell the cops why

Moan has had run-ins with law enforcement in the past over drug charges and even spent 2 years in prison

                             6-foot-9 Florida man punches armless, legless girlfriend and he wanted her to tell the cops why

On January 28th, a woman who was born without limbs got punched by her boyfriend and she was completely stumped by the situation. She does not have arms and legs.

Brandi was punched by her boyfriend on January 28th (Facebook)

39-year-old Brandi Gregory's live-in boyfriend, Patrick Moan (Patrick Edward), broke her cell phone two weeks before the incident so she couldn't even call the police when she was being attacked by him.

Brandi and Patrick were in a live-in relationship (Facebook)

The Miami Herald heard from local law enforcement that Moan wanted Gregory to tell someone about what happened so around two hours after he punched her, he pushed Gregory to a Walmart in Vero Beach, Florida.

Patrick pushed Brandi to a Walmart and told someone there to call the police (Facebook)

Moan then walked into the store and told someone who was shopping there that he hoped "someone would call the cops so he could go to jail."

He complained that he was tired of pushing her around everywhere (Facebook)

Patrick said he was tired of being Brandi's primary caregiver (Indian River Sheriff's Office)

According to the arrest report, Moan said that he was "also tired of being her primary caregiver and felt if he punched her and confessed it, he would no longer have to take care of her and she would be the state's problem."

Patrick wanted Brandi to become the state's problem so that's why he punched her (Facebook)

Moan has been booked on a $1,000 bond. The man is pretty tall at 6ft 9in and weighs about 185lbs.

Patrick is a tall man at 6ft 9in and weighs 185lbs (Facebook)

The Herald reported that Moan, based on what Gregory told the police, beats her up around once a month or basically whenever he decides to get drunk.

Gregory was born without limbs and the couple has been dating on and off for at least two years now. The woman has only one of her feet which extends from her lower torso.

Brandi was born without limbs and only has one foot (Facebook)

Moan has been arrested before and he seems to be familiar with local law enforcement. He was arrested in 2003 on drug charges and spent about two years in prison.

Patrick Moan in 2003 before doing almost two years in prison on drug charges (Florida Department of Corrections)

The crime took place in Florida and according to a ranking of all the states done by Thrillist, Florida is the absolute worst state in the country.

Florida has officially been named the worst state in the US (Facebook)

One of the reasons that were provided in its "Definitive and Final Ranking" was that the state's terrible resume is "staggeringly impressive" caused by the extraordinarily high crime rates and it's "lack of contributions to America" in general.

Florida's crime rate is through the roof according to Thrillist (Facebook)

Previously, there was a Fundly campaign also in her name where people were asked to donate so as to help keep Brandi off the streets. She had a little money with her but that too was stolen from her at the care centers and then the Fundly money helped rescue here.

Patrick Moan and Brandi (Source: Facebook)

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